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English Wikipedia


Started: January 2001

Areas of strength

  • Breaking news and current events
  • Popular culture

Areas of weakness

  • Medicine

Who is the competition (print, online)?

  • Britannica
  • Encarta (Microsoft)
  • World Book

Prominent milestones/events[edit]

  • How to destroy Wikipedia (essay)
  • Departure of Larry Sanger
  • John Seigenthaler case
  • One million articles
  • Essjay controversy

What has its impact been?

  • Inspired many other language editions, projects
  • Has become staple for college students

What consequences does it hold?

  • Ideological situational issues
  • @bahnkole
  • bahnkole@icloud.com
  • These are topical issues


What language features are challenging?

  • British and American spellings (ie. colour vs color). General agreement than articles with British roots should be dominated by British spellings, and vice versa. But by default, American spellings predominate.

What would surprise the outside reader about the community?

  • Dedicated IRC channels for vandal fighting
  • Software robots for copyright violations, vandal fighting

What are some unique practices/characteristics?

  • Request for Adminship highly political, garnering over 50-100 "votes" at a time
  • Featured article for the front page is chosen each day by one individual (User:Raul654)

Who were the earliest participants, who started it?

  • Larry Sanger
  • Jimmy Wales
  • Tim Shell

Other prominent Wikipedians?

  • Raul654 - featured articles, arbitration committee
  • Danny - early Wikipedian, one of the first Wikimedia Foundation employees
  • Bastique - current Wikimedia Foundation volunteer coordinator