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The Wikipedia logo

This is a page for documenting errors in the Wikipedia logo.

Devanagari and Kana[edit]

A suggested fixed version with Devanagari and Kana corrected
Japanese Wikipedians are discussing the issue at ja:Wikipedia:井戸端/subj/ウィキペディアのロゴの修正(ワィ問題), and the font is likely to be changed to the Times-like one, not the current Arial-like one.

Kannada va + i written incorrectly[edit]

The Kannada letter vi is written incorrectly on the logo, as one can see from the Kannada main page, which shows the letter written correctly. The letter is currently written like this: Kn-wrongvi.jpg when it should be written like this: Kn-propervi.jpg.

Missing accents in some versions[edit]

Some versions of the logo have accents on the characters Ω (Omega, to the left of W) and И (below W). Since it is probably desirable to have the same logo everywhere, which one is the correct version?

The Danish version, one of many with the accents included

See commons:Image talk:Wikipedia-logo.png#Missing accents for a slightly more detailed analysis of this problem. See also commons:Wikipedia for all the localized versions of the logo.

Some letters not representing "W"[edit]

According to en:Wikipedia:Wikipedia logos#Alphabets represented in the logo, the letters represent the "letter from that alphabet that most closely resembles the English "W" as in "Wikipedia."

However, according to Nohat, the creator of the logo, at en:User talk:Nohat/archive 2005-02-22#Trouble in All the Logos!, "only some of the symbols were selected to represent "Wikipedia"— others were chosen at random." and 2 threads at en:User talk:Nohat/archive 2007-06-06 say the same thing. Angela says the same thing in Talk:Main Page/Archives/2006/01#Error in the Wikipedia Globe. Zocky repeats it at en:Talk:Main Page/Archive 86#Wrong devnagari symbol for "wi" in Wikipedia's logo.

So it is debatable whether letters not representing "W" is an error, since that was apparently never the original goal.

For example, the Chinese character should be changed from 袓 to 維.

And Сyrillic Й (or И in the new version) is odd, see R. Википедия, Biel. Вікіпедыя, Ukr. Вікіпедія, Mac. Википедија, Bulg. Уикипедия, S. Википедија.... If symbolic letters are required, Я would be fine.

White artifacts along the edge[edit]

Some localized versions of the logo have white artifacts along the edge - see for example the discussion at en:Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals)/Archive 26#Wikipedia logo improvement.

The old (since fixed) English Wikipedia logo, with white artifacts along the edge. Compared with the German logo without artifacts.

This is caused by using a logo which does not use transparent anti-aliasing along its edges.

Klingon replaced by Ge'ez[edit]

(All links are to English Wikipedia.)
Wikipedia logo : § Current logo says

The new logo was rolled out on the projects in May 2010. It features the new 3D rendering of the puzzle globe, with corrected characters (and the Klingon character replaced by a Ge'ez character).

The Ge'ez character is ው, U+12CD ETHIOPIC SYLLABLE WE.[1] In the table in Ge'ez script#Ge'ez abugida it is in the second section of the table, second row (consonant Wäwe), sixth column (vowel ə [ɨ]), so it is pronounced [wɨ] (IPA), which is pretty close to the first syllable of "Wikipedia" in English.

However, Wikipedia:Wikipedia logos : § The finalized logo : § Alphabets represented in the logo doesn't reflect that change, though a reader would expect "The finalized logo" to refer to the current one. The table of characters there (row 2, column 4, corresponding to the location on the jigsaw globe illustrated there) has

Code2000 Klingon r.svg
Klingon r

I'm rather afraid to edit that table and section. Can someone else make the appropriate fix? --Thnidu (talk) 23:40, 18 June 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

  1. "Ethiopic" here is the Unicode alias for Ge'ez; see Ge'ez script infobox and the opening sentence of Ge'ez language. [--thnidu]
  2. This character is in the Private Use Area area of Unicode and may not display without the correct fonts. It is registered in the ConScript Unicode Registry, thus fonts which follow the CSUR should function correctly. [Footnote copied from Wikipedia:Wikipedia logos. The original uses Template:PUA, which I can't get to work here. --thnidu]