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Annual report 2019 of the Wikimedia User Group Esperanto and Free Knowledge (in Esperanto Esperanto kaj Libera Scio, shortly ELiSo).

Talks, Workshops & Edit-a-Thons[edit]

Topic Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
"Why we had shut down Wikipedia?" Summer Esperanto Study 15 July Nitra, Slovakia
  1. Venca24
"Why we had shut down Wikipedia?" International Youth Congress 3 August Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia
  1. Venca24


Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Wikimedia CEE Spring March - May Worldwide (with thematic focus on Central and Eastern Europe)
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
First time in Esperanto Wikivoyage (in Incubator)
Asian Month November Worldwide (with thematic focus on Asia)
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
Both on Esperanto Wikipedia and Wikivoyage (in Incubator)

Community & Activists Development & Engagement[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Consultation of Wikimania scholarship applications March Worldwide
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
2nd consultation
Stories of wiki people Thou the year Worldwide
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
Informing about community members throu social medias.
Invitations to Wikimedia events Thou the year Worldwide
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
  2. ?
Wikimanias, Wikimedia Summit, Wikimedia CEE Meeting, ...

ELiSo inside the Wikimedia Movement[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Affiliation Selected Board Seat (ASBS)
  1. Remux
  2. Blahma
  3. KuboF Hromoslav
1st time we could participate in the process
Strategy consultation Thru the year KuboF Hromoslav Liasoning with the group, invitation for providing feedback, participation in in-person Working Groups consultations
Wikimania 2019 August Stockhol, Sweden KuboF Hromoslav, ... During Wikimania happened Esperanto Meetup and speak about constructed languages.
Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019 October Beograd, Serbia KuboF Hromoslav ELiSos representative presented 1 talk and 1 training, had a meetup with AffCom representatives, helped another affiliation with following bylaws, participated another meetups and program.

Organisation development[edit]

Activity Date Place Volunteer/s Resume/Report
Shared calendar March
  1. KuboF Hromoslav
Calendar with ELiSo related events shared with activists and supporters (with intention to solve this more systematically in future)
Start of recognition as s Themetic Organisation October Preparatory Commiittee During Wikimedia CEE Meeting 2019 in Belgrade happened friendly meetup with AffCom representatives. The official start was short after.
First Bylaw November-December Preparatory Committee Until now, ELiSo worked as a non-formal group recognized as Wikimedia User Group. The first version of bylaw was created (in Slovak) and translated into Esperanto. The bylaw is planed to be revisited in early 2020, the revisited version proposed to AffCom for consultation and finally accepted during Generally Assembly in probably in 2nd half of 2020.
Incorporation December Slovakia Preparatory Committee ELiSo was incorporated in Slovakia.