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Consulta sobre «copyright» o derechos de autor por parte de la Comisión Europea

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European Commission copyright consultation Introduction, timeline, and table of contents
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Advocacy - Index


Current Proposals

La Comisión Europea está considerando modernizar las leyes concernientes a los derechos de autor. Con la intención de obtener opiniones, la Comisión ha planteado una serie de preguntas y ha solicitado a diferentes organizaciones —como la nuestra— que las respondan. Ésta es una gran oportunidad para influenciar las leyes que rigen los derechos de autor en la UE, y, por lo tanto, una gran oportunidad para influenciar el futuro del conocimiento libre y gratuito. More background is available from the European Commission.


We submitted our finalized answers to the European Commission on March 4th, 2014. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Finalized answers, in PDF form
Finalized answers, in PDF form

Debate sobre el proceso

Si deseas debatir sobre el proceso, únete a la conversación en AdvocacyAdvisors mailing list —en inglés—.

Preguntas respondidas

I. Rights and the functioning of the Single Market

A. Why is it not possible to access many online content services from anywhere in Europe?
B. Is there a need for more clarity as regards the scope of what needs to be authorised (or not) in digital transmissions?
1. The act of "making available"
2. Two rights involved in a single act of exploitation
3. Linking and browsing
4. Download to own digital content
C. Registration of works and other subject matter – is it a good idea?
D. How to improve the use and interoperability of identifiers
E. Term of protection – is it appropriate?

II. Limitations and exceptions in the Single Market

A. Access to content in libraries and archives
1. Preservation and archiving
2. Off-premises access to library collections
3. E – lending
4. Mass digitisation
B. Teaching
C. Research
D. Disabilities
E. Text and data mining
F. User-generated content

III. Private copying and reprography

IV. Fair remuneration of authors and performers

V. Respect for rights

VI. A single EU Copyright Title

VII. Other issues

Guías de otras fuentes

Otras organizaciones libres han publicado recomendaciones sobre cómo responder:

Past Timeline

  • 7 de febrero de 2014: Finish Foundation text proposals, circulate for community comment/refinement.
  • 21 de febrero de 2014: Finalize for submission.
  • 5 de marzo de 2014: Submission deadline.