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Previous projects[edit]

Armenian Genocide and Armenian Question[edit]

The cover of the Armenian Question Encyclopedia digitized to support the wiriting contest.

The Armenian Genocide was the Ottoman government's systematic extermination of 1.5 million Armenians mostly Ottoman citizens within the Ottoman Empire and its successor state, the Republic of Turkey which was carried out during and after World War I. In order to improve and create articles on the Armenian Genocide and Armenian Question a writing contest was organized on March 24 - April 30, 2014.

A part of the contest was the digitization of the Armenian Question Encyclopedia, shared under Creative Commons license which was served as a source for the project.

This writing contest had 29 participants who created 462 and improved 16 articles, including 1 featured article - Armenian Genocide.

Doctors who died in the Armenian Genocide[edit]

Another writing contest - Doctors who died in the Armenian Genocide - was organized in February - March, 2015. This project was done after an Armenian author - Harutyun Minasyan shared his own book - "Doctors who died in the Armenian Genocide" under Creative Commons license and with the help of Wikimedia Armenia digitized and shared it on Wikisource.

In the framework of this project 629 articles were created and improved from the book.

Project World War I[edit]

Wikimedia Armenia also joined the Europeana 1914-18 challenge. This was mainly done by organizing a writing contest on the Armenian Wikipedia - WWI Writing Challenge - to edit articles on WWI. The initiative was highly appreciated by the Armenian Wikipedians, 37 users joined the contest. Over 5 months, these editors worked on 399 articles related to the WWI. The original list of suggested articles was created by WMAM and included 11 categories.

Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
6 pages
This category included articles about people and events connected to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk like Vladimir Skalon, Grigori Sokolnikov etc.
Aviation in WWI
4 pages
As the World War I was the first major conflict involving the large-scale use of aircraft there was a separate section dedicated to the aviation of the WWI. Among the created articles are Airco DH.9, Avro 504, Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.8
Armed Forces in WWI
51 pages
All articles connected to the Armed Forces involved in WWI were welcomed for this section. Articles like 2nd Caucasus Army Corps, French Armenian Legion, Islamic Army of the Caucasus, Seventh Army (Ottoman Empire) and many others were created during the contest.
WWI Memorials
52 pages
To commemorate the events and the casualties of World War I, many monuments and memorials were constructed. This section was dedicated to these memorials. Edited pages involved mostly memorials from the former Russian Empire; Tannenberg Memorial, Sgt. Joyce Kilmer Triangle and International monument of suffering are examples of them.
WWI in Different Countries
27 pages
WWI had a huge impact on different countries. The section reflected the causes of WWI on the participant countries in different ways. Many important articles like Malta exiles, Greek genocide, Battle of the Frontiers, Thalerhof internment camp were listed in this category.
Books about WWI
4 pages
The created articles about books are The Guns of August, Storm of Steel, The Red Wheel and The three ages of Okini-san
Battles of WWI
21 pages
This category encompassed land, naval, and air engagements as well as campaigns, operations, defensive lines and sieges of WWI. Siege of Antwerp (1914), Battle of Ardahan and Kamerun Campaign are examples of created articles.
Films about WWI
17 pages
There are dozens of fimls which main topic is the WWI. The section was for this kind of films. Examples are La Grande Illusion, The Red Baron (2008 film), March on the Drina (film).
Participants of WWI
102 pages
The largest from the section, it included many participants of WWI from different countries divided into alphabetical subsections.
Miscellaneous Articles
115 pages
The wide range of articles were involved from different WWI-related topics from Armenians in the WWI, Aftermath of World War I to Aviator arrow.