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Romanian Wikipedia pay a special atention to commemorate the centenary of the First World War. În this respect, we initiated in 2014 a four years long project dedicated to this great event in the history of humanity.

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The Portal[edit]


The central hub of the project is the dedicated portal: Romania in the First World War, that was designed to facilitate the search and lecture of the different article related to the political, military, social, economical and cultural aspects generated by the participation of Romania in the Great War.

Until now we managed to develop:

Editorial meetings[edit]

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Photo hunting[edit]

We conduct a series of "photo hunting" activities, in order to identify relevant media related to Romania during the First World War, in archives and libraries:

  • Arhivele Militare Române (Miltary Archives of Romania), resulting in obtaing the majority of the photos of the Romanian military war commanders - see: Romanian generals of World War I.
  • EU basic logo portrait black.png
    GLAM Partner The magazine Le Mirroir, collections from 1916-1918, at the French National Digital Library - Gallica, part of them being loaded mainly at Batles on the Romanian Front, another part being in process of categorization and further loadings.

Contributing to Europeana[edit]

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We have contributed - as WWI Romanian Wikipedians Team contributor name, with a series of stories at the Europeana 1914-1918 – untold stories & official histories of WW1, as follow:

Upload to Commons content from the Europeana 1914-18 site[edit]

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Starting with 1st of May 2017 we became a team contributor (as WWI Romanian Wikipedians Team) at the Transcribathon Project, hosted by Europeana. Till now we have contributed as follow:

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Host a transcribathon

between 31 June-3 July, when we digitized more than 45000 characters, that allowed our team to reach the "Champion" level. This include digitization of the following stories:

  • Nicolae Parpa si frămaâtările Generalului Averescu
  • Povestea lui G.K.Constantinescu si a fratelui său Fanel
  • În ziua cea de judecată
  • Programul Adunării naţionale constituante a românilor din Ungaria şi Transilvania
  • Unire necondiţionată
  • Poporul la Alba Iulia
  • Telegrama Adunării Naţionale către M. S. Regele Ferdinand
  • Ferdinand I Regele României
  • Cercetaşii
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Other transcribed documents

  • Istoria Razboiului pentru intregirea Romaniei : 1916-1919
  • Jurnal de război 1914-1917
  • Scrisori din colecţiile Bibliotecii „V.A. Urechia” Galaţi
  • Povestea lui Stefan Ionescu
  • Lupta unui soldat român pe două fronturi
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Use of already-transcribed content

  • Postcards sent by Romanian prisoners of war

Reference of films from the European Film Gateway[edit]


We begin identifying films and sequences from European Film Gateway related with articles from our project: