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Event:Africa Wiki Challenge 2024/AWC List of Articles

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Rules of participation[edit]

NB: Find a list of articles categorized by article lists, feel free to add to the number of these articles if we missed anything.

Stub article list[edit]

Educational Challenges in Africa[edit]

Educational Programs in Africa[edit]

Educational Landmarks in Africa[edit]

Organizations Promoting Education and Skill Development[edit]

Educational Policies and Initiatives[edit]

Academic Institutions and Universities in Africa[edit]

Scholarships and Financial Aid in Africa[edit]

Innovations in Education and Revenue Generation[edit]

Vocational Training and Skill Development[edit]

Educational Infrastructure and Technology[edit]

Investment in Education[edit]

Industrialization of Education in Africa[edit]

Manufacturing and Distribution of Educational Resources[edit]

Challenges and Opportunities in African Education Systems[edit]

Women and Youth in Education[edit]

Digital Learning Protocols and Technologies[edit]

Internet Accessibility for Educational Purposes[edit]

Entrepreneurship in the Education Sector[edit]

Global Collaboration in African Education[edit]

Educational Agreements and Partnerships[edit]

Challenges in Implementing Education Initiatives[edit]