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LocationOnline event
Start and end time09:00, 22 March 2024 – 12:00, 23 April 2024
Timezone: +00:00
Number of participants103 participants

EmpowerHer Editathon 2024

Start and end time

09:00, 22 March 2024 to 12:00, 23 April 2024
Timezone: +00:00


Online event

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EmpowerHer Editathon 2024

Event Description[edit]

EmpowerHer Editathon 2024

Women politicians, journalists, and human rights defenders in Africa are making strides despite facing barriers that impede their active involvement. However, their stories are being told in male-dominated spaces, resulting in the omission of significant aspects of their achievements and the distortion of information (source: Gender Bias on Wikipedia). While anyone can edit articles on Wikipedia and data on Wikidata, it actually operates as a male-dominated platform. The inadequate female representation in terms of contributors on Wikipedia has left a number of stories untold (source: Lack of Women on Wikipedia).

The African Union(AU) is using its African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) to increase the number of female articles and contributors on Wiki, help teach and encourage participants (both male and female) to correct grammatical and factual errors throughout Wikipedia and collaborate on data and content for Wikidata.

The Charter Project in collaboration with Code for Africa's African Wikipedian Alliance is hosting a month edithathon with a virtual launch on the 22nd of March to improve Wikipedia articles and Wikidata items on women in democracy, elections and governance within AU states.


All participants receive:

  • Access to future Charter Africa events
  • Free training

The top 3 highest contributors will receive:

  • A week-long paid mentorship from Charter Africa and;
    • 1st top contributor $100
    • 2nd top contributor $75
    • 3rd top contributor $50
    • Top newest contributor $25


Please read the rules very carefully before the contest commences.

  • All participants must create a Wikipedia/Wikidata/Wikicommons account and be signed in before making any edits.
  • Make sure you are registered on campaign’s dashboard, so your edits can be tracked as part of the campaign.
  • Contributions will only be counted if they were made during the competition period (March 22 to April 22, 2024).
  • Articles are eligible for competition only if they discuss women in politics, democracy, elections and governance within AU states. Editing Articles outside this scope will not count.
  • Edits should focus on fixing typos, adding categories, adding references, wikilinking, and creating stubs or articles. Any edits outside this such as adding infoboxes, images, etc. are welcome and may earn you additional points.
  • Double/multiple performances of one task as several edits on an article count as one edit. For example, fixing two different typos over two different edits on an article counts as one edit, not two.
  • Points are not given when an edit is made to correct a previous edit by the same participant.
  • Every infobox added should be the appropriate infobox for such an article. For example, if an article is about a fictional character, the infobox for a biographical person should not be used and may lead to disqualification.
  • Every infobox parameter added must have been sourced in the main content of the article. Adding infobox parameters (even when factual on the internet) without a source and statement in the article can also lead to disqualification of that entry or participant.
  • No automated, semi-automated tools, scripts or manual templates to mass generate content are permitted for the contest.
  • Responses to messages on talk pages and reverted edits do not count as an edit.

Jury process[edit]

To ensure transparencies and fairness, scoring in this competition would be quantitative and qualitative; keeping in mind that all contents added to must meet Wikipedia manual of style and free from original research. center on women in democracy, elections and governance within AU states.

The scoring system for the winners would be as follows:

  • One point (1.0) will be awarded for the introduction of an infobox or expansion; and Two Points (2.0) for a complete Infobox created from scratch in an article completely without one ;
  • Two points (2.0) would be awarded for each wikidata item with atleast 5 statements created and appropriate to the parameter;
  • Five points (5.0) would be awarded for each new article created and expanded from scratch with minimuim of 5000 bytes in respect to the core content policy;
  • Half point (0.5) would be awarded for fixing 10 typos in an article, grammars in a paragraph, adding wikilinks relevant to the topic and citations which is strongly encouraged;and
  • Two point five (2.5) would be awarded for each article translated into one of the languages of the competition (French to English, vice versa).

Competition Dashboards and entry process[edit]

  • All contestants are free to work on any or all of the countries that are AU states. All articles and or items created or translated should be added to the List of articles/items created by participants page even after joining one of the Dashboards at outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org. Please make sure you are logged in and on the correct user account registered on either (but not both) of the Dashboards (Anglophone) and (Francophone) for the community you identify with on this campaign, before contributing, as these lists are intended to account for the sum of all work created for the contest. If you sign into both dashboards you will be automatically disqualified for the jury process.

Communication Channel[edit]

For more support, questions and clarifications kindly join the community Whatsapp Group below;