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We need people who are passionate about books, literary works, and oral stories to contribute to the Wikimedia projects. Whether you’re a librarian, a publisher, an author, or you just like books: your contributions to this campaign will help support books, authors, storytellers, and readers. There are many ways to engage with the #EveryBookItsReader campaign. From the simple to the more complex.

You can work alone, or with a group. Organize an event or attend an event.

If you organize an event, please add it to our campaign tracking dashboard. Tag all Wikimedia activities related to this campaign, #EveryBookItsReader (English Wikipedia example).

Simple Tasks[edit]

  • Add bluelinks to and from book and author articles.
  • Correct typos and misspellings in book articles.
  • Add a reference.
  • Create a section for any literary awards the book has won.
  • When you are logged into your Wikipedia account “Star” book pages so that you can follow edits over time (updates will be emailed).
  • Link to books that are in the public domain. For example link to digitized copies on Wikisource/ Internet Archive/ Project Gutenberg.

Complex Tasks[edit]

  • Create an article for a book
  • Edit an existing book article
    • Add sections for:
      • Synopsis / Summary / Plot
      • Controversies / Censorship
      • Reception: Critical, Academic, Public
      • Awards and Nominations
    • Add an infobox
  • Add data to Wikidata
  • Translate a book article from one language Wikipedia to another
  • Add a photo of the book cover to WikiCommons to illustrate the article on Wikipedia.
  • Add a digitized book to Wikisource or complete the transcription or translation of a book on Wikisource.
  • Identify award-winning books and make sure they have Wikipedia articles.
  • Make lists of literary awards in Wikipedia.
  • Identify challenged or censored authors and/or stories and make sure they have Wikipedia articles.
  • Upload oral stories (audio or video) to WikiCommons.