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The Everything Food Nigeria Project is one of our drives to improve Nigerian contents and increase Wikidata's participation in the country. The project focuses on training all interested persons on how to query as well as how to add content on Wikidata but most importantly, this project is targeted at improving the data of Nigerian Cuisines on Wikidata

Scope of Work[edit]

  • Training: Collation of resources for training design and launch of program dashboard for measuring project metrics, communication channel and design of project landing page (Meta). This particular version of the project consist of a five(5) days series of online hands-on training. Details of focused areas are listed in the table below.
  • Mentorship: Attending to questions/feedback from participants, tracking of items, review.

Project Time-Lines/ Work Plan[edit]

Activities Specific Activities Time Lines Expected Outcomes Remarks
  • Design and launch of Program dashboard for measuring Project metrics
  • Design of project landing page ( Meta)
  • Registration of participants on and off-wiki.
  • Social media engagement eg. twitter, Whatsapp
Jun.14th - 19th 2021 Participants are expected to visit the project landing page and for the uploaded Videos for a self-pace training session.
Live Training
  • Introduction to the wikimedia movement and projects
  • Introduction to Wikidata project
  • Adding content to Wikidata
  • How to make queries in wikidata

Jun. 20th - Aug.30th 2021 Participants will be engaged in live training sessions ( hands-on) Duration (1hrs) per Webinar session. Each session will be recorded and make available before the next session on the landing page
Mentorship Class
  • Attending to feedbacks from students per previous sessions
  • Allocation of assignment to students
Jun. 20th - Aug.30th 2021 The following modules are expected to be covered:
  • What is Wikidata
  • Adding Contents to Wikidata
  • Wikidata Queries

Editathon: Compettition
  • New editors to create their account before the event ( if it has not been earlier created)
  • Participants to sign up to the event dashboard
Jun. 20th - Aug.30th 2021
  • At least contents on 50 Nigerian Cuisines will be added/improved upon on Wikidata

Content to be Added [edit]

Caption text
Food status
Ukwa complete
Apapa completed
Miyan Taushe completed
Soybean curd(Awara) completed
Okpa(Bambara groundnut) complete
Dan Wake completed
Moin Moin completed
Peeled Beans Porridge Completed
Ekuru (White Moi Moi) completed
Beans and Corn porridge completed
Abacha completed
Bobozee (Abacha Mmiri) completed
Akpu Complete
Garri (Eba) completed
Abacha & Ugba (African Salad) completed
Achicha Ede (Echicha Ede) completed
Ekpang Nkwukwo completed
Ofe oha (oha soup) completed
Margi special completed
Akara (Koose, Acaraje) completed
Agidi completed
Akamu, Ogi or Pap completed
Zobo completed
Palm wine completed
Chicken stew completed
Goat meat pepper soup completed
Kunun Gyada (Groundnut Milk and Rice Gruel) completed
Kunu aya done
Ukpo Ogede (Plantain Moi Moi ) completed
gizdodo done
boli (Roasted Plantain) completed
Unripe Plantain Porridge completed
Nkwobi completed
Isi Ewu completed
Fried Rice completed
Banga Rice completed
Sinasir (Rice Pancakes) completed
Egusi Soup completed
Okra Soup completed
Achi Soup Done
Ofe Nsala (Nsala Soup) Completed
Ofe Owerri done
Edikang Ikong Soup done
Ogbono Soup completed
Abak Atama Soup done
Urhobo Owho Soup Completed
Gbegiri Soup completed
Groundnut Soup (Peanut Soup) completed
Efo Riro completed
Afang Soup completed
Banga Soup (Ofe Akwu) completed
Ofe Ugba (Oil Bean Soup) completed
Miyan Kuka (Baobab Leaves Soup) completed
Jollof Rice completed
Pounded Yam completed
Amala completed
Fufu completed
Tuwo Masara completed
Tuwon Dawa Complete
Miyan Zogale (moringa soup) completed
Tuwo Shinkafa completed
Kunun Tamba(Finger millet Porridge) completed
Suya (Spicy Grilled Kebab) completed
Fura da nono completed
Zobo (zoborodo) completed
Waina (masa) completed
Miyan karkashi (Sesame soup) completed
kilishi (beef jerky) completed
yam porridge completed
Ewedu soup completed
Miyan Geda completed
Bitter leaf soup completed
Kuli - Kuli completed
Kunun Tsamiya completed
Goat meat pepper soup completed
Peppered Snail completed
Peppered Ponmo completed
Catfish pepper soup completed
Ofada Rice completed
Ofada Stew completed
Asun completed
Puff Puff completed
Dodo completed
Beef Stew completed
Ewa Agoyin completed
Agege bread completed
Stick meat completed
Nigeria egg roll completed
Guguru and epa completed
Native jolloff rice completed
Garden egg sauce completed
Fried yam and egg sauce completed
Boiled cocoyam and palmoil completed
keke Fieye completed
Yaji spice completed
Plantain chips completed
Chin chin completed
Kokoro snacks completed
Fried yam(Dundun) completed
Nigeria fisherman soup completed
Okoho soup completed
Coconut candy completed
Gwote completed
Alkubus completed
Ukpo oka completed
Yamarita completed
Yam Balls completed
Gullisuwa completed
Moringa Smoothie completed
Rice and Beans jollof completed
sweet potatoes pottage completed
Fonio jollof completed
Buns snack completed
Garnished liver sauce completed
Gireba completed
Dambu completed
Dambu Nama completed
Zogale salad completed
Kantunridi completed
Dakuwa completed
Dantsurku completed
Cow tail Pepper soup completed
Gurasa completed
Alkaki completed
Garau Garau completed

Images from live Training sessions[edit]

Resources for Self-pace Training [edit]

Videos of every live session will be upload here before the next live session

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