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Differences between Flow Funding and other grant programs[edit]

Wikimedia Grants Program process Flow Funding process
For individuals, chapters and other entities who are either ineligible for the FDC process or wish to apply for project funding. For mission-aligned activities that meet Flow Funding Eligibility Criteria.
The Wikimedia Grants Program will provide project funding for specific initiatives, which might include:
  • Line-item budgets that specify how money will be spent to execute the project; and
  • Part-time or temporary staff positions specifically focused on the activities of the project.
The Flow Funding process provides funding to a wide range of grassroots initiatives, while excluding flow funding members' own projects or that of a relative.
Grant requests may be submitted at any time. Funding recommendations may be submitted by flow funders at any time.
The Grant Advisory Committee (GAC), in an advisory capacity, reviews proposals and provides comments (on Meta) based on criteria related to effectiveness, innovation, and impact on the Wikimedia movement. Community members also review proposals and provide comments. Flow funding members can support initiatives that they seek out or that approach them. It is up to each flow funding member to choose the best strategy to identify and support initiatives aligned with the Wikimedia movement strategic goals.
Wikimedia Grants program staff review GAC and community input and make final decisions on grant requests. Each flow funder is empowered to recommend initiatives with potential for impact on the Wikimedia movement.
The time between submitting a grant request to receiving funds will typically take 30–90 days. If proposals are incomplete or additional information is required to review or process the grant, this period can be extended significantly. Most flow funding recipients will receive funds within 30 days of a flow funding recommendation.
Grant reports are expected within 90 days of the projected completion date listed in the grant request, unless an extension is requested and approved by the WMF within 30 days of the projected completion date. WMF staff will review reports within 60 days. Reports on each project are required from each funded recipient, a cumulative report on all funding requests is required of each flow funding member at the conclusion of the project, and a report on the project is required of the flow funding coordinator no later than 90 days after the project completion date specified in the approved grant submission.
For more on the Wikimedia Grants Program, visit the Grants Index page. For more on the Flow Funding process, visit the Flow Funding portal.