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In the world of knowledge graphs, the connective tissue between sources and understandings around a topic can be described as an interlay, and a collection of interlays constitutes an Interlace. This is an aggregation of activity and possibility, connecting each concept or project to what is, what is wanted, and what could be. It includes the colorful flows of ducts and pipelines, the relationships between layers, multispecifications for formats and processes, and other requirements for interlegibility and operation.

Lists of Lists[edit]

Eco on Lists ~Popova :)

Index of Indexes[edit]

Atlas of Atlases[edit]


These can seem arbitrary in isolation, parallels are evident within subsets. Please add to the list:

Peer review taxonomy + transparency - STM project + Essay (2020), PeerTax (2019), PR Transparency Transparency report + taxonomy (2018) + essay (2019)
Academic reviews (papers and books): OpenReview,
Reviews of places, products, people: Open datasets,
Placenames : MapZen's Who's on First (and WP/WD integration)
Imagery : Street view (GMaps, +), satellite (PlanetLabs, +), representative (Geograph.co), G! underwater earth, G! space
Scientific databases
Lists General (WP)
Chemistry (atoms + isotopes, reagents, reactions)
Materials science (alloys, interaction properties, fabrics, building blocks)


Police violence (spreadsheets w/ video, twitter lists w/ numbers; people: Crosby)

Original anatomy atlases: human, other
Catalogs of features: faces, eyes, ears, noses, teeth, nips, hands, feet


COVID - Maps of needs (supplies), vaccines COVID health - N3C, CORD-19

Basic needs

Food - WFP; frontlinemaps (UK); food pantries; food distribution;

Water - water.org maps; city water (Detroit)

Housing - homelessness maps;

Disaster relief - shelter, emergency care, food, water

Internet + mobile network access (& b/w)

Global: GIGA

Broadband per country: US, Uruguay, ...

NGO support:

Machine learning

Kaggle: contests + outputs Huggingface: language models + more

Collaborative encyclopedic projects
General: Wikipedia, Wikia
Genetics: Genome browser
Maps: OpenStreetMap, G! Earth / G! Earth Engine / G! Sky, Nullschool, Geograph
Memes: All the tropes
Music: Musipedia

List of online databases w/ less collaboration: databases, digital libraries, digital preservation efforts

Ditto, but specific topics and formats: dicts, encyclos, images, music, music docs, maps, ...

Grantmaking + government spending
Where do funds flow? (Sectors, regions, materials / services)
--> Estimate demand for public infrastructure layers for materials + services
Where is there an underused supply? (Open Clouds)


Organization techniques: IEKO encyclopedia
Catalogs of works: Classification systems; Meta-libraries
Catalogs of public works: Full public-domain tags
Copyright expiry acceleration - estimating the value of the public domain, resolving ambiguity around current PD status, accelerating (c) expiry for future works.

Ontologies + vocabularies

YAMZ (discussion)
Linked Open Vocabs [feel the LOV]

Related concepts[edit]

  • Go links or Wikilinks everywhere for flexible link resolution, particularly the locally defined cascade of resolution-servers used to ground meaning and context.