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FindingGLAMs Challenge/Participate/eo

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Bonvenon! Pri Partopreni Rimedoj Gajnintoj Konekti kun ni

Kiel partopreni

Anyone with a Wikimedia account can participate in the Challenge. We are using a tool called the Programs & Events Dashboard to keep track of the participants' contributions. You will have to enroll in the Challenge there in order to participate.

Partoprenu en la Defio por Trovi Galeriojn-Bibliotekojn-Arkivojn-Muzeojn

Once you are enrolled, your edits to Wikidata items of GLAM institutions will be tracked in the Dashboard.

Kiam registri vin

You can enroll at any time during the competition. If you made any edits to GLAM items after the start of the competition, but before enrolling, they will count towards your score.

Krei Vikimedian konton

Alklaku ĉi tie por krei Vikimedian konton

If you don't have a Wikimedia account, you can create one here. You will be able to use the same account to edit Wikipedia in any language, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons and all the other Wikimedia projects.

Aldoni informo al Vikidatumoj

Learn how to add information to Wikidata by taking these Wikidata Tours:

Coordinates Administrative territory Official website Inception Images

A full list of tours is available at Wikidata:Tours

Kiel trovi redaktindaĵojn

There are several ways to find interesting Wikidata items to edit.

If you want to add data about a specific institution, type in the name in the search field on Wikidata.

Overview of GLAMs by country

We have prepared these lists to help you find GLAMs in different countries and get an overview of how well they are described on Wikidata, using selected properties.

You can use these lists to identify items in need of improvement:

  • Click on the looking glass next to a property you want to focus on. In this case, we want to find libraries in Albania without a troviĝas en administra unuo (P131) statement.

  • On the following page, select All items without the property set.

  • This will take you to the Wikidata Query Service, with a pre-filled SPARQL query. Execute it by clicking on the blue triangle button on the left side of the screen.

Aliaj manieroj helpi

Dataset Imports on Wikidata

If you know of any lists or databases of cultural heritage institutions please fill out a form on our Dataset Imports page.