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Finding glam report BWa[edit]

Finding Glam poster.pdf

The FindingGLAMs event for archivists in Botswana took place on Saturday, 15th February 2020. It was organised by Kaelo Motsatsi, the officer in charge at the archives, Francistown Botswana, I Mompati Dikunwane worked with kaelo to bring together wikipedians to learn about wiki data and other wikimedia related projects. This project was proudly sponsored by WmSE.


1. Introductions (10 a.m- 11ː00 am)

2. Snacks, Coffee.

3. Introducing Wikimedia and her related projects (Wikimedia commons, Wikipedia) (11ː30 am-12ː00 pm)

4. Starting Up home wiki (12ː00 pm- 12ː30 pm)

5. Opening up accounts for new users (13ː00 pm- 14ː00 pm)

6.Photos (14ː00 pm - 14ː45 pm)

7. Socializing (14ː45 pm - 15ː50 pm)

8. Closing (16ː00)


WMSe acted as a sponsor for this event. We were granted a total amounting to $1030.


1. Mompati Dikunwane

2. Kaelo Motsatsi

Expected results[edit]

A learning gathering which brought together people from diverse backgrounds to discuss about contemporary issues around wiki data and Wikipedia. This was the first and a learning workshop for all of those who attended it. We however had an interesting presentation on Wikipedia, how it works and how to be a part of it. We spent a lot of time focusing on Wikipedia than project wiki data as attendees showed more interest on Wikipedia itself.


We had about 26 attendees.

Content created/improved[edit]

1. Wikimedia Commonsː 50 photos uploaded

2. Wikipedia ː 10 content created