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Fortius linguarum/Communications

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Executive summary[edit]

1) Select your page

2) Select which languages you want the notification to go out to. If ALL, leave blank

3) Select the priority level of your translation

4) Choose your deadline

5) Input additional information

6) Preview your notification

7) Hit Send

The Full Shebang #![edit]

1) Selecting which page to translate[edit]

The first thing you need to do is select the page you want our translators to work on. Click on the first drop down will present you with an incredibly long list of pages. The list is chronological, based on when the page was created. Older ones appearing at the top of the list and as the list decends, so do the pages chronological age to the youngest at the bottom.

When you find your page, select it so that its highlighted.

2) Which languages to notify[edit]

Next you need to decide which languages to notify. This is an important tool. Its often not necessary for every request to have every language including from afrikaans to kanuri. It comes back to the point of there being a limited translation resource. It would be fantastic if everything we have could be translated, but regrettably this is simply not possible.

  • To message all languges, leave this box blank
  • To target some languges, use the appropriate two/three character language code.

Unfortunately there is no current functionality to exclude languages from a notification.

3) How important is your translation[edit]

This is a bit of a vague option, with no real guidelines and unfortunately importance changes when your considering one or many languages.

Questions you need to ask yourself are:

  • Is this going to be a high traffic page regularly seen by the public
  • Is it a page thats the target of central notice banners?
  • Is it text thats going to be on a banner being shown to the general public?
  • Is it going to be on a high profile place like the wikimedia foundation blog?
  • Is it associated with an actual event? (more of a language specific question

If you've answered yes to any of the above then I would say that this is a high priority request.

If it's none of the above go with medium.

4) When do you need your translation by?[edit]

Next choose a date for the deadline for your request. This is probably more art than science. I have found, if you leave the date

5) Additional information to go out with your translation[edit]

6) Previewing your translation[edit]

7) Send![edit]

Following Up on your notification[edit]


Setting up AutoWikiBrowser for notifcations on meta[edit]

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Sending out your notification[edit]

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