Fortius linguarum/List of Fundraising Pages

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Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Translate Extension
    1. Translating
    2. Proofreading
    3. Message group statistics
  3. Preparing translations
    1. Translation markup
    2. Simple requests
    3. Complex and multiple requests
  4. Communicating with translators
    1. Special:Notifytranslators
    2. AWB:AutoWikiBrowser
    3. Recruitment banners
    4. Direct-to-translation banners
    5. Donor surveys
    6. Chapter assistance
  5. Banners and Central notice
    1. Banner translations
    2. Localisation and javascript
    3. Special:Translate integration
  6. Appendices
    1. List of Fundraising Pages




Translations Requests[edit]



Interface messages[edit]


Donor information and other requests[edit]

List of donor information pages and resources[edit]