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The vision of a world in which every single individual can freely share in the sum of all knowledge inspires the creation of collaborative efforts which recognize collaborative production as a tool and the freedom of knowledge as a requirement to realize that vision.


Volunteers in these collaborative efforts share the following values:

  1. The dream of union takes precedence over the initiative to avert;
  2. The gesture of sharing takes precedence over the interest in appropriating;
  3. The freedom to create takes precedence over the possibility of control;
  4. The will to listen takes precedence over the act of speaking;
  5. The challenge of understanding takes precedence over the opportunity to criticize.


These collaborative efforts adopt and respect the following principles:


To use, to modify, to copy and to distribute forms of knowledge.

Accessibility and quality

So that everyone can contribute to and benefit from knowledge.

Openness and autonomy

Of participation to everyone who adopts this Statement of Principles, condition both necessary and sufficient.


In its relationships, including financial, whether they are with institutions, groups or individuals.


Total, unconditional, permanent, objective and facilitated.

Principles of our operations[edit]

Basic precepts for actions, plans and decisions of the organization in all layers of FCUG - internal or external processes, in relationships with individuals or entities.

  • We are a Brazilian organization, part of a global movement. An autonomous, independent, multicultural, secular and non-partisan organization;
  • Our actions are based on technical and scientific knowledge, always in search of dialogue and avoiding unnecessary confrontations;
  • We are committed to the conservation of nature within the Brazilian social and economic context;
  • We work in a collaborative and inclusive way, involving local communities in the planning and execution of field work, respecting their culture, their rites, their ways of life and their needs;
  • We seek that our decisions are consistent with our Objectives, Missions and Values, in all activities, be they programmatic, administrative and engagement, and in our communication;
  • We maximize our effectiveness through partnerships and collaborations with individuals, with other organizations, networks, governments, companies and local communities;
  • We manage and use financial resources responsibly, transparently and effectively;
  • We comply with internal policies and guidelines, in line with the principles of FCUG
  • We act with ethics and integrity, in full compliance with Brazilian laws, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the applicable regulations.

Conduct and commitments[edit]

Convictions that each person who collaborates in the Organization, or acts on their behalf, must read, understand, commit and comply with and that characterize their conduct in all internal and external processes with FCUG.

Our Commitments to each other are:[edit]

  • Respect and value individual differences (of origin, nationality, gender, colour, religion, ethnic, social, cultural, age, physical and sexual orientation);
  • Treat women and men fairly, promoting equal opportunities regardless of their individual differences in an environment with gender equity;
  • Maintain a healthy work environment that is free from any prejudice, discrimination, harassment, bullying or intimidation, whether from a moral, physical or sexual point of view;
  • Act with cordiality and courtesy and favour team spirit, collaboration, trust and respect, and valuing different opinions, including policies;
  • Share knowledge freely to promote the individual development of all, and consequently the group;
  • Ensure compliance with the principle of non-retaliation for Collaborators who, in good faith, report unethical behaviour; and
  • Behave in a manner compatible with the culture of FCUG, in order to ensure coexistence and a good working environment.

Our Commitments To Health And Safety Are:[edit]

  • Seek as much as possible to create a safe and healthy operating environment, considering the operating facilities, field activities and means of land, air or water transportation - used in the organization's activities;
  • Try to ensure that Collaborators are trained, informed and protected from the risks that may threaten their health and safety during their activities with the organization;
  • Recognize the right of Collaborators to refuse to perform tasks that could put their health and safety at risk;
  • Consider individual limitations of Collaborators in carrying out activities, to ensure their maximum safety;
  • Consider that the safety of a Collaborator is paramount and will prevail under any circumstances, including in relation to the financial cost of travel, activities, facilities, etc.;
  • Seek to extend to third parties under the responsibility of FCUG equal precautions regarding health and safety given to Collaborators, as applicable;
  • Seek to prevent, in the best possible way, accidents, risk exposure and injuries; and
  • Ensure that all Suppliers and Partners follow health and safety regulations applicable and appropriate to the activities carried out in conjunction with FCUG, including the use of mandatory protective equipment and adequate means of transportation.

Our Commitments To Society, Communities And People Are[edit]

  • Predict and take all appropriate measures to prevent adverse social or environmental impacts from occurring as a result of FCUG's activities;
  • Seeking to ensure the rights of people and communities, especially the most vulnerable, in the context of our work;
  • Being open, and creating ways to welcome concerns, criticisms and complaints related to activities, initiatives and projects carried out or supported by FCUG easily and guaranteeing non-retaliation;
  • Whenever possible, catalyse the best efforts to integrate the realization of Human Rights within the scope of FCUG in the social development of people and the community;
  • Consider the gender perspective at all levels of the Organization and its activities as a foundation for sustainable development;
  • Respect indigenous peoples, quilombolas and traditional communities, recognizing their rights guaranteed by national and international legislation and as legitimate users of natural resources, in addition to potential allies for the activities of FCUG; and
  • Support and strengthen networks, collectives and other civil society organizations, when they go together with the Organization's values.

Our Commitments To Institutional Partnerships Are:[edit]

  • Conduct the relationship of FCUG with Partners, by respect, honesty, cordiality, transparency, confidentiality and security of personal data;
  • Commit to cooperate with public bodies and institutions with independence of position, fidelity to the institutional mission, non-partisanship, transparency and respect for the laws;
  • Assess risks and comply with due diligence measures in relation to corporate relationships;
  • Seek to relate to reputable, ethical and reputable suppliers and service providers, in line with the values described in this Code, and take responsibility for even a possible disconnection in case of breach of values;
  • Establish an environment of transparency and fair competition for hiring, selection of suppliers and acquisitions, striving for quality, efficiency and economy;
  • Require partners, suppliers and service providers to comply with the highest standards of ethics and integrity, as well as ensure compliance measures appropriate to legal, social, environmental and labor requirements;
  • To relate to the media and opinion makers with objectivity, clarity, technical-scientific basis and consistency with the Principles of FCUG; and
  • Be helpful, transparent and collaborative in dealing with controlling bodies, auditors and external evaluators.

Our Commitments To FCUG Are:[edit]

  • Commit to the organizational culture of constant improvement of FCUG;
  • Respect and comply with the Charter of Principles, the Code of Conduct and the Agenda for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, as well as the rules of the regulatory bodies and the current legislation;
  • To register and properly organize, transparently, documents, activities and information related to their function and work, guaranteeing the Organization full access to them, without omission;
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses and always seek greater effectiveness;
  • Have zero tolerance for fraud, corruption, bribery, fraudulent management, extortion, forgery, theft and theft of any institutional resources;
  • Create mechanisms to ensure that FCUG does not support, directly or indirectly, money laundering, tax evasion, terrorism, trafficking, militias and the financing of other illegal activities both in the receipt of donations, use or disbursement institutional resources, or the use of the Organization's image;
  • Respect the privacy of personal information and protect the data of any individuals whose information is in the custody of the Organization;
  • Inform and avoid potential conflicts of interest, making the Organization's interests always prevail over personal interests;
  • Preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information and prevent the transfer of information that puts the Organization's image or security at risk; and
  • Ensure the good image of FCUG, both internally and externally.

Conflict of interest[edit]

Conflicts of interest occur when a decision or action is taken not for the benefit of the Organization or the Society, but for individual benefits, or those of third parties, organizations, or relatives, with respect to whoever took such actions or decisions.

Collaborators must refrain from participating in any negotiations, approvals and planning in situations, even if potential, of Conflicts of Interest. It also has the responsibility to notify potential conflicts, remembering the organization's transparency principles.

The potential Conflict of Interest occurs when there is a relationship between the Collaborator and the beneficiary (ies) of that decision, relationships such as:

  • Kinship or affective relationship;
  • Beneficiary (ies) have direct or indirect financial relationships with the Collaborator;
  • When any other event not listed above may affect the Collaborator's judgment or independence.

If the conflict is identified in a decision or action, other members of the Organization will assess whether the organization was harmful. In case of confirmation, the action or decision will be reversed, if applicable, if not applicable, damage containment procedures will be initiated. Measures will be taken towards the Collaborator - regardless the damage.


  • The Ethics Committee, presented by the people listed below, is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Code of Conduct, as well as esclask questions, receive complaints, guide and investigate cases related to the Policies associated with this Code, with independence and autonomy in decision making.
  • The Committee will be formed by people chosen by the team of Collaborators, by consensus;
  • In case of involvement of members of the Ethics Committee, the complaint must be addressed to lisons, who will assume the responsibilities listed above;
  • Complaints will be received by the contact listed below (Annex 1), confidentiality will be maintained;
  • The people who form the Commission will receive, in due time and in face of the need, training to better fulfill the needs of this position;
  • Collaborators who violate the rules, or have conduct incompatible with the Code, may suffer consequences in order to avoid further violations. If necessary, you will be removed and we will proceed with legal measures;
  • The implementation and compliance with the Code is the responsibility of all Collaborators.

Annex 1[edit]

Contact routes[edit]

Ethics Committee
  • etica(_AT_)foto.wiki.br
  • jani(_AT_)foto.wiki.br
  • leonardo(_AT_)foto.wiki.br
  • rodrigo(_AT_)foto.wiki.br