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Herramienta Fountain

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This page is a translated version of the page Fountain tool and the translation is 39% complete.
Ícono de la herramienta Fountain

La herramienta Fountain es una de las herramientas alojadas en Wikimedia Toolforge que puede usarse para organizar editatones o concursos. Históricamente ha sido usada principalmente para organizar el Mes de Asia de Wikipedia.

Véase también: Wikipedia Asian Month/Fountain tool

Pasos y proceso para tipos de usuario distintos

Para participantes

  1. Vaya a https://fountain.toolforge.org/
  2. Haga clic en Iniciar sesión y seleccione Permitir dar permiso a OAuth para iniciar sesión usando su cuenta de Wikimedia
  3. Seleccione el concurso o campaña para la cual quiere presentar el artículo
  4. Haga clic en "Enviar", ingrese el título del artículo y haga clic en "Siguiente"
  5. Si cumple con todos los requisitos, podrá hacer clic en "Añadir" en la esquina inferior derecha y presentar el artículo
  6. You can login anytime and see how many articles have been submitted by you and others, how many articles have been reviewed and marked by judges.

For Judges

(Jury members can start reviewing even when the contest is still going on)

  1. Go to https://fountain.toolforge.org/
  2. Click on Log-in and select Allow to give OAuth permission to log-in using your Wikimedia account
  3. Select the contest/campaign for which you are one of the jury members
  4. Click on “Judge” and a random article will open in the tool for you to judge
  5. The top right corner displays the author, number of bytes and words of the article
  6. In the bottom left corner, there are three options; “Yes”, “No” and “comment”. Select the appropriate option based on the contest requirements and article quality and click “Save” to move to the next article.
  7. You can also “Skip” in case you want to revisit this article later or leave it for another jury member.

Additional steps for sending messages/barnstars to the winners

  1. At the end of the contest, open the contest page in the tool and click “Award” button which is right next to the “Judge” button.
  2. This will display the usernames of the top contributors and an empty box below each of them.
  3. You can write any message in these boxes, end with “~~~~” to sign the message and check the preview to confirm if everything is alright.
  4. Click on “Award” to send these messages.

Para organizadores

Previously, you needed to contact the developer, Ле Лой to create an event (see process below). Now you can create an event within the OAUTH for the tool, by logging in and click "Create New". Once in the form, fill out the requested fields in each stage of the form.

Old method

To request creation of a new contest/edit-a-thon within fountain tool, kindly fill the form that will open once you write the name of the edit-a-thon along with the start month and year.

Solicitudes abiertas

Solicitudes completadas