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Fundraising 2008/comments/2008-09-10

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  • "I use Wikimedia relentlessy, I thought it was time I paid my dues" --Anonymous


  • "Your are our first source for information, and frequently our only source of obscure information. Thank you." --Anonymous
  • "Keep it up guys!" --Anonymous
  • "Carry on the fantastic endeavour - impartial, balanced, and informative" --Anonymous
  • "Good Luck!" --Anonymous
  • "Keep up the great work!" --Wayne Richmond
  • "Don't take the occasional messiness too seriously. It lives!" --Anonymous
  • "sorry i can't donate more i am on a very strict budget" --Anonymous
  • "Donate and support the free and useful products of services of the Internet. Keep and make information, products, and services available to ALL." --Raymond Recendez


  • "Super" --Andrey Suslov
  • "For further development. Thanks." --Anonymous
  • "Endeavors like this display the best of human kind." --Jeff Mathis
  • "Knowledge is important. Wiipedia has been a wonderful tool for me. I want Wikipedia to grow other minds." --Alan Spatafore
  • "Very Important Work Conquering Ignorance" --Anonymous
  • "Wiki is my prefered web page for any information i require from web. I use it on a daily basis." --Velayudhan Parameswaran
  • "What a phenomenal gift to mankind. Splendid article on Salvador, Bahia, Brazil encouraged this donation. Thank you! Thank you!" --Anonymous
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  • "This site is priceless" --Richard Wood


  • "Debemos continuar promoviendo estas actividades como estas que enriquecen la educación de la humanidad." --Carlos Colon
  • "Thanks Wiki and everyone who writes on here for providing me with almost every homework i've ever done =)" --Anonymous
  • "Thank you for making the encyclopedia concept fun and affordable for most every household" --Anonymous
  • "Invaluable!" --Alan Magid
  • "Keep up this excellent piece of work running!" --Durval Menezes


  • "Wikimedia is great!" --Anonymous
  • "just thank you" --Marco Gori
  • "Great work. No words." --Anonymous
  • "Love what you're doing for humanity, I believe knowledge is power and is the key to freedom & peace that lasts" --Anonymous
  • "My favorite information source" --Anonymous
  • "Thank you for the efforts and providing the service free, where even a poor man can learn a lot about life, get the knowledge and live life to the best. (spiritual knowledge, and educational knowledge" --Anonymous
  • "Ich benutze Wikipedia fast täglich, Lexika würde ich nie so oft vom Regal holen. Super Sache!" --Anonymous
  • "You've been my number 1 reference for many years" --Anna Filina
  • "Teach a man to fish ....." --Anonymous
  • "An Indian wants to help free flow of information" --Sanjiv Sharma
  • "I love your site and refer to it everyday. Thanks for having it." --Anonymous
  • "LOVE THIS SITE" --Anonymous


  • "I fully agree with the spirit of free knowledge exchange" --Basilio Catania
  • "Thank You for providing the world with information" --Debora Vodosia
  • "Jun Lee" --Jun Lee


  • "I love it" --Anonymous
  • "You have become the dream of the Internet" --Anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is a world of unknown secrets !!!!! It is an invention by mankind....." --Sameer Murthy
  • "Andrey Lukovenko" --Andrey Lukovenko
  • "This is the BEST source of information with wonderful cross-referencing. Thanks to everyone!" --Charles Evans
  • "Thank you." --Anonymous
  • "Le savoir à la portée de tous !" --Anonymous
  • "Proud Supporter of Intellectualism" --Will Jackson
  • "Hi...Wikipedia is simply graet...the most up-to-date media source for any topic.....technical, political, law...u name it and its there on WIki . . ." --Saurabh Banerji
  • "Some of it is just so brilliantly well written. WIKIPEDIA - YOU DESERVE MY MONEY! (£15.....)" --Rosita Murray
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  • "Thanks for so much knowledge you have provided me." --Umesh Shah


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  • "Information and this form of transit offer me a wealth of world at my fingertips! If only we could all share it equally and wisely as this site provides." --Michael Ewasyn
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  • "Love the site - use it often" --Erica Brooks
  • "The Web is the greatest invention in my lifetime & Wikipedia is the greatest thing on the Web. It's a key part of every day living. It's the best place to start learning anything." --Linda Chuss
  • "This site has great potential" --Chaz Firth
  • "i learnt a lot from here many thanx" --Anonymous
  • "Thanks for bringing free knowledge to the world" --Victor Rocha