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  • " has become so important to me that it's the first place I look up for information." --Anonymous
  • "Un site qui pourra sauver les gens de la pire des maladies: "l'ignorance" S.B" --Benhabri Sami
  • "I use this site all of the time and felt I should donate." --Michael Griffiths
  • "Thank you for donating knowledge" --Anonymous
  • "le prophete pinghams(maurice) nous aideras je promêt" --Anonymous
  • "It's helped me alot. I will donate more in the future. Thank you Wiki" --Mauro Solorzano
  • "A little donation for a huge contribution to the freedom for education. Please never give up your projects." --Anonymous


  • "mercie pour les reponse apporter" --Anonymous
  • "My little donation, hope this helps! For the knowledge of all people on this planet! Cheerz" --Munir Badr
  • "I wish I could donate more..." --Erfan Arabfakhri
  • "Harnish, William" --G. Harnish
  • "Dziękuję za wielokrotnie udzieloną pomoc w zdobywaniu informacji. Maciek" --Anonymous


  • "Wikipedia is a great public service!" --Stone Coxhead
  • "ashutosh kushwah" --Ashutosh Kushwah
  • "This is the only charity in the world to which I would give my money. And I have!" --Jackson Thurtle
  • "Let's go wikipedia!" --Eduardo Pichler
  • "It is a World Food Day and we start with feeding the minds....and let us start in Africa" --Govindraj Prabhu
  • "Thanks, stay good, make it better!" --Jan Wedekind
  • "keep up good work" --Anonymous
  • "Thanks for sharing the knowledge!" --Anonymous
  • "I don't have a lot, but I have benfited from Wiki's expansive database of knowledge on numerous occasions. Here's to Wikipedia!" --Misha Thompson
  • "Wikipedia,You are a great Blessing from God or who/whatever. I wish I were able to make my donation a lot more." --Frances Donnelly
  • "Thank you." --Clark Rector
  • "Thanks for all you do!" --John Guthrie
  • "Rocco Fury" --Rocco Furiero


  • "Wikimedia cok güzel bilincli bir Websitesi oldugu icin Destekde vermekten memnunuyet duyarim" --Marina Arslan
  • "Donated in honor of Jeffrey Szczecinski" --Anonymous
  • "I'm sure you're saving me rent space on my shelves..." --Anonymous
  • "Wish for my small donation to be used as seed for growing knowledge." --Rebecca Campbell
  • "Free universal access to knowledge would be one of the ultimate successes of the technological age." --Anonymous
  • "Wikipedia is the best corner of the Internet!" --David Myles
  • "I check wiki everyday..!" --Hee Myeong


  • "Hoping this will be one more brick to build a wiser future" --Nicolas Bouchez
  • "thank you for existing - I could never find simple, objective, detached explanations for the things i could not understand before you came," --Anonymous
  • "the best source for homeschooling families and self-learners" --Anonymous
  • "Das beste Projekt im Internet" --Anonymous
  • "Thanks very much for the excellent work." --Anonymous


  • "Thank you!" --Benjamin Brooks
  • "For the children in my family, your family, and one day hopefully every child in every family everywhere" --Michael Gibson
  • "Fantastic resource" --Anonymous
  • "It is a great site, very helpful! (from Massachusetts)" --Anonymous
  • "knoledge is empowerment. for better or worse." --Anonymous
  • "keep up the good work" --Anonymous
  • "Fantastic project, well planned, well done, fantastically updated and contributed for, and well managed. Fast becoming an essential web tool." --Anonymous
  • "Da un affezzionato wikipediano" --Anonymous


  • ""Give light and the people will find their own way." Carl Magee" --Anonymous
  • "Eat Endangered become endangered!!!:-[" --Anonymous
  • "grazie per avermi aiutato a capire alcuni concetti finanziari" --Anonymous
  • "Für mich ist wikipedia eine große Hilfe, Danke!!!" --Anonymous
  • "Don't underestimate the organized power of thousands of human beings" --Valerio Capello
  • "I'd like to thank you for the marvelous gift of Knowledge access that you give to us." --Sheldon Rabin
  • "Grazie di esserci" --Anonymous