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  • "thank you" --Anonymous
  • "I am a major user of this wonderful source of information on all subjects and very much a proponent of open systems that encourage collaboration to enable the education of people worldwide." --Harley Garrett
  • "Una ayuda invaluable para los niños y jovenes estudiantes como mis queridos nietos Rodolfo Y Federico Hernandez" --Rodolfo Romero
  • "DJ Psychosomatic" --Anonymous
  • "Ich wüsste nicht, was ich heutzutage ohne Wikipedia tun würde... Danke!" --Anonymous
  • "bene molto bene" --Anonymous
  • "Thank you Wiki. You are the human knowledge tank!!" --Nayef Binhumaid
  • "you are a beacon of light and reason in the face of a "demon haunted world". with you, no one can make an excuse for adhering to ignorance. my deepest gratitude, yaniv, israel." --Anonymous
  • "Worth so much more" --Jon Chiu


  • "Because we use Wikipedia daily and it inspires our way to work with knowledge" --Anonymous
  • "Knowledge is the saviour to bring people out of poverty. Please give generously for the benefit of the human race." --Anonymous
  • "Couldn't do without you!" --Anonymous
  • "The wiki-something is very important for knowledge spreading! Congrats!" --Giuliano Raimo
  • "There's no way I can put a value on all the time and energy I've saved, simply going to wikipedia for my info. I only wish I could make the contribution larger. Keep up the great work!" --Chris Mills
  • "Great facility, didn't realise how much I use it..started taking it for granted" --Anonymous
  • "I don't see enough donations in Hungarian Forints; I'd like to do my best to change this :)" --Bence Damokos
  • "Thank you for providing this invaluable service, which I and my students use frequently" --Anonymous
  • "thanks for saving me time with my homework" --Anonymous


  • "I thank you, Wikimedia. You are our Library of Alexandria." --Anonymous
  • ""I'm greatful for your help."" --Anonymous
  • "thank you" --Anonymous


  • "Go Wikipedia! bastique demandez! 00:10, 31 October 2008 (UTC)" --Anonymous[reply]
  • "I respect Wikimedia." --Hiroyuki Saitou
  • "Thanks for being so comprehensive!" --Anonymous
  • "Not much, but hope it helps :)" --Anonymous
  • "I'm just so grateful for the organization and accessibility of valuable, detailed information." --Chris Lovejoy
  • "Keep up the great work!" --Prasad Gabbur
  • "One of my major sources of info - always there!" --Anonymous
  • "A treasure for the humanity!" --Anonymous
  • "From NikaBleu Marketing LLC" --Kimberly Harrison


  • "In honor of the fundraising team at Wikimedia!" --Rebecca Handler
  • "Thank you for your noble idea." --Shahram Arshadnejad
  • "Gracias por todo..." --Anonymous
  • "Thank you" --Michael Maisey
  • "I'm prepared to put my money where my mouth is to keep information circulating freely. Hope you will too." --Anonymous
  • "thank you thank you thank you" --Anonymous
  • "15" --Jonathan Eccles


  • "pavan chitumalla" --Pavan Chitumalla
  • "Wikipedia is the greatest knowledge source ever available. It is my primary reference for any information." --Ajit Patil
  • "Continue Wikipedia!!!!" --Anonymous
  • "Merci pour le site de la part de Gigi1001fr" --Corinne Boinot
  • "PMPepe-PT" --Pedro Pepe
  • "It's my first donation and many of higher amounts will follow as I can afford them." --Fabricio Magalhães
  • "Thanks!" --Carolina Harris
  • "For the encyclopedia I use the most! -Xand" --Alexander Lourenco


  • "I love you Desiree!" --Sebastian Rakowski
  • "W Borger" --Wolfram Borger
  • "Thanks!" --Michael Neal
  • "Das Wissen der Welt für die gesamte Menschheit - eine edle Aufgabe" --Björn Kuhlen
  • "The best thing to happen to the internet ever." --L P H Kennis
  • "Thank you for giving me a voice" --William McQueen
  • "Fantastic WORK !!!! (MR SANJAY H PATEL)" --Sanajy Patel


  • "Easy as 1234! Wikipedia is just great. We love it." --Alex Poon
  • "Great Job, Thanks" --Anonymous
  • "Keep Up The Good Work" --Siddharth Tiwari
  • "I am proud to be able to donate! Thank you Wikipedia" --Luiz Laba
  • "may you thrive. thanks for "writing" my thesis" --Jan Hejral
  • "A great source of information" --Mahmood Jawaid
  • "donate your cigarette money to wikipedia instead. 2 birds in one shot" --Anonymous
  • "I believe knowledge will help lead mankind into a greater future of peace and hapiness. Thank you for giving me the greatest library the world has ever seen. I now have the world at my fingertips. :)" --Jacob Matheson
  • "Changing the world requires energy!" --Robert Logan
  • "Thanks for explaining what happened to Richard Roeper and "At the Movies". I was baffled when it disappeared." --Anonymous
  • "Wikipedia changed my life" --Simon Desaulniers


  • "In honor of my good friend Nick, a total know-it-all, who I hope will share his all-seeing knowledge with the world via Wikipedia!" --Bradley Stiritz
  • "lsr@#suechtler!" --Anonymous
  • "It's great to see people who help others without expecting anything in return. Keep up the good work." --Anonymous
  • "May all beings get the right knowledge for the right wisdom and compassion!" --Anonymous
  • "im just a wishful thinker" --Anonymous
  • "Weiter so!" --Gerhard Aigner
  • "Good Work!!" --Anonymous
  • "Tian He" --Tian He
  • "Thank you. Godspeed." --Elad Grofit
  • "keep up the work!" --Aamir Shaik
  • "Thanks for the free knowledge Wikipededia, wish i could donate more..." --Alonso Inostrosa Psijas
  • "Merci Wiki!" --Anonymous
  • "Corey James schiffhauer & Jungsoo Kim" --Jungsoo Kim