Fundraising 2011/Foundation Grants

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This page details grants over USD $100,000 that the Wikimedia Foundation has received in FY2011-12, which are approved by the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Directors per the foundation's gift policy.

General support grants[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation prefers to receive general support grants that can be used to support any of its work. These grant agreements contain only the typical legal restrictions of 501 c3 organizations in the United States, i.e. the grant may not be used to advocate for the election of a political candidates, etc.

This fiscal year, the Wikimedia Foundation has received the following general support grants:

  • $1,000,000 USD from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (Year one of a three year grant totaling $3,000,000 USD)
  • $400,000 USD from the Hewlett Foundation (Year two of a two year grant totaling $800,000 USD)
  • $500,000 USD from the Brin Wojcicki Foundation
  • $100,000 USD from the Kaphan Foundation
  • $250,000 USD from Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin (Year one of a five year grant totaling $1,250,000 USD)
  • $1,000,000 USD from Pavel Durov

Grants that support specific work in the plan[edit]

These grants are restricted to fund specific expenditures budgeted in our annual plan. This fiscal year, the Wikimedia Foundation is seeking funding for its two-year technology plan and has received the following grants for this purpose:

  • $1,800,000 USD from the Stanton Foundation (Year one of a two year grant totaling $3,600,000 USD)

This grant supports WMF's work for create a visual text editor for Wikipedia and its sister projects. For each year of the grant, the funds are allocated to cover Technology department staffing costs as follows: $1,000,000 USD for Features Development staff salaries and $800,000 USD for Platform Engineering and Technical Operations staff salaries.

Restricted grants outside of the annual plan[edit]

The Wikimedia Foundation does not generally accept restricted grants for projects that are not budgeted in the annual plan. This year, however, we agreed to serve as a fiscal sponsor for Wikimedia Deutschland's Wikidata project.

  • $449,636 USD from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for the Wikidata project in partnership with Wikimedia Deutschland.