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Campaign Update December 10, 2011[edit]

We're about half way through the fundraiser, here's a quick look at where we're at.

Metric Date range Dollar Amount Raised Number of Donations
Year to Date Total July 1,2011 - December 10, 2011 $19,558,237 (USD) 799,625
November 2011 Total November 1, 2011 - November 30, 2011 $12,026,396.52 (USD) 625,091

We started the fundraiser with Jimmy's appeal. Since the first week, we have run appeals from Brandon Harris, Susan Hewitt, Karthik Nadar, a student editor, and Dr. Sengai Podhuvan.

This editor appeal phase that we're in right now is a very valuable part of the fundraiser. It's really important to highlight our editors and share their stories with readers as well as to give Jimmy's appeal a break. Readers seem to appreciate this variety as well. Here are just two campaign comments from donors:

"The appeals are well-done. I like the variety of solicitors -- ages, backgrounds, reasons. It was the collective voice that moved me to donate, not just one person."

"It's a good idea to show/tell stories from different people, not just the founder, but regular people, like you're already doing."

We still have a ways to go, more editors' stories to tell, and more money to raise. Thank you to all the editors who are working with us to write appeals, to volunteers who are translating these messages and to readers who have shown their support already.

Mhernandez 01:52, 11 December 2011 (UTC)[reply]

Dr. Sengai Podhuvan Appeal December 10, 2011[edit]

Wikipedia editor

Dr. Sengai Podhuvan is the latest editor to appear in a fundraising banner.

His story of being a rural farmer in India and becoming a Wikipedia editor is pretty incredible and donors have been sending in warm comments in response to his appeal:

"The story by Dr. Podhuvai was so human and touching, I was drawn in and had to respond. It was very well done, but genuine and not contrived."

"The appeal from Dr. Sengai Podhuvan moved me to contribute. I like the idea of a guy in Tamil Nadu being able to contribute something to the world."

This appeal has only been shown in the US so far, but we're looking forward to seeing the reaction to a local appeal in India. We owe a huge thanks to Dr. Sengai Podhuvan for sharing his unique story with readers.