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Proposed draft[edit]

Members and advisors: Feel free to edit directly. Everyone else, please suggest changes on talk page

The Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation resolves that the following shall be delegated to the Fundraising committee.

  1. Coordination of all fundraisers. Task includes:
    • Proposing (or setting?) of a date, goal, type and duration for fundraiser to the board, based on revenue needs as given by Finance committee.
    • Creation of fundraising letter and supporting materials along with translation thereof. Requires coordination with the Communications committee
    • Updating of all fundraising-related pages as necessary
    • Publication of daily reports during fundraiser on progress
    • Release of final report on fundraiser no later than two weeks after end
    • Development, testing, and evaluation of new methods of fundraising
  2. Maintenance of merchandise shop(s). Task includes:
    • Creation and rotation of new designs on a regular basis
    • Release of monthly reports on commissions earned with a breakdown of items sold
    • Hold periodic design contests to maintain interest
    • Coordinate use of logos and trademarks with the Trademark committee
  3. Tracking and reporting of fundraising-related revenue. Task includes:
    • Monthly reports released on total fundraising-related revenue by type. Reports to include amount and percentage of fundraising-related expenses.
    • Quarterly analysis of fundraising practices with the aim to maximize fundraising revenue by improving methods.
  4. Donor management. Task includes:
    • Drafting of privacy policy for donor data. Policy to include:
      • Disclosure of what information we collect and how that will be used,
      • How to contact us to review their personal information and request corrections
      • Tell the donor that we will not share their information with outside parties, and
      • Explain what security measures we use to protect donor information.
    • In office tracking of donor information (staff function). Periodic use of data to contact donors (thank you cards, appeals and receipts)
  5. Contact outside parties as needed to support above functions. Task includes:
    • Contact experts in the design/merchandising field for advice, and encourage designers to volunteer their talent.
    • Contact experts in the nonprofit development field for advice.
  6. More? What else should the committee have the authority to do?