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The 2007 Fundraising committee is moving ahead with plans for a fall fundraiser. Please check back here for further details.

needs updating - the below was for the 2006 drive.

A fundraising committee has been proposed to coordinate fundraisers. Discussion of specific committee proposals started as of late May 2006, and the Board has approved the creation of such a committee (see Wikimedia:Resolution Fundraising committee). It is intended that this group will coordinate a 2006 foundation fund drive and future fund drives. Daniel Mayer has been tasked with forming this committee.

During 2006, the first year of the committee, its role has evolved, whilst the organisation of Wikimedia Foundation evolved as well. Early 2007, the goal of the committee is to brainstorm/discuss fundraising possibilities. The result of the brainstorm should be helping the board to define a fundraising strategy. Later in the year, the role of the committee will be to help implement the strategy defined by the board.

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News about the committee[edit]

Other related news[edit]

  • "On August 17, 2006, US President George W. Bush signed the Pension Protection Act of 2006. The new law contains numerous changes to the tax law provisions affecting tax-exempt organizations." [1] Most relevantly, the Act requires donors of any amount of money to maintain "a canceled check, bank record or receipt from the donee organization showing the name of the donee organization, the date of the contribution, and the amount of the contribution." Previously this was only required for donations of more than $250.


  1. Provide ideas on improving /Fundraising CORE
  2. Set roles of advisors and consultants (member tasks) and appoint individuals See /Motions and /Motions/Draft
  3. Draft proposed /Delegations and submit to the board for ratification (member, advisor and consultant task)
  4. Develop /Next steps (what needs to be done to set-up the committee)
  5. Meet to discuss everything /Meetings (input your availability to meet)
  6. Work on the /Fundraising procedure
  7. Design /Evaluations
  8. Work on /Merch ideas (all welcome)
  9. Work on /Design tasks
  10. Create ideas for a /Fundraising appeal


Volunteers are self-selected and ever-changing group of people who help when they feel like it and only to the extent they see fit. This will be the largest group of people who will be affiliated with the fundraising committee. They will be the ones who do the bulk of the translating and word-smithing work and possibly other tasks. There may or may not be an official volunteer role to recognize those volunteers who help a lot and often but who otherwise are not interested in the meeting obligations inherent in advisorship and membership and who do not have the relevant experience to be a consultant. No expectation to use real names or to have a minimal level of participation.

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Fundraising ideas and discussion[edit]

For more about past fundraisers, see the fundraising page on the foundation wiki, the list of Fundraising ideas, and the talk page.