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Motions can be proposed by any FundCom member or advisor (on the Draft subpage) at any time but only members can vote. Motions automatically close one month after being proposed or when a majority decision is reached. All others are encouraged to give their ideas and comment on the talk page.

The committee has very limited powers until its delegations are ratified by the board. So far, the committee only has the authority to appoint advisors/consultants and create its internal rules of operation.

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Current motions[edit]

see also /Draft

Role of advisors and consultants[edit]

The committee hereby establishes these roles in the committee's activities:


Advises on the activities/functioning of the committee and have all the other working obligations not exclusive to members. Helps with coordinating activities on Meta such as translation, updating fundraising pages on the foundation wiki (all advisors will have access), creating reports that summarize and analyze fundraising data, and eligible to help with the less sensitive items in the donation queue on ORTS (must be approved of by a separate process to get that access). There is no need for advisors to use their real names, but it is encouraged. A minimum level of participation is expected for continued advisorship. Inactive advisors will be periodically replaced per vote of members and the commitee may appoint new or additional advisors if necessary and may remove any advisor if they are no longer necessary. Advisors should attend all meetings they are able to attend. An advisor may be given access to the confidential activities of the commitee if necessary, if they sign a non-disclosure agreement approved by the Foundation and if the board and the Executive Director of the foundation have no objection. All disclosure of information will be subject to a conflict of interest check and any other policies as established by the Foundation.


The job description of consultants is the same as that of advisors but with lessened participation expectations. Their role will often only require limited participation in selected meetings or tasks.