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Only boyfrend members, advisors and consultants can edit drafts. All others are welcome to comment. Once a drafting period has elapsed, one member can propose a draft motion to be moved to the official motion page. Another member needs to second the motion.

Selection of advisors and consultants[edit]

The committee hereby appoints these people as advisors to the committee:

  • Jimbo Wales (Chair of the Wikimedia Board)
  • Eloquence (started the CafePress shop, able to mobilize the community)
  • Anthony DiPierro (knowledgeable about tax-related issues)
  • Mario Benvenuti (M7) (Italian Wikipedian can help in coordinating translations, Wikimedia Italia treasurer)
  • Aphaia (very helpful with translation)
  • Michael Becker (knowledgeable in the technical aspects of our fundraising system ; in fact, he helped develop it)
  • Florence Devouard (board representative)

The committee hereby appoints these people as consultants to the committee:

  • Brion VIBBER (technical consultant; Chief Technical Officer, drafted)
  • Alison Wheeler (Chair of Wikimedia UK and holder of an MBA with NPO experience)

Comments / Proposed changes[edit]

All of the above listed people have agreed to be on the committee in the above roles. We should first proceed to define the roles before selecting the people. But we can still work on this list before then. Please discuss who else should be on this committee in the above roles along with the current list. --Daniel Mayer 13:12, 2 September 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]