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Universal Code of Conduct

This page and subpages cover the creation and work of the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee Building Committee (U4C Building Committee, U4CBC). Please see the timeline below for up-to-date progress on the project and to see where you might get involved.


The Enforcement Guidelines require a Building Committee be formed to draft a charter that outlines procedures and details for a global committee to be called the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). The U4C Building Committee was convened to define and set up the U4C to coordinate the on-going work of the UCoC. This work includes the enforcement, annual review and possible revision of the Universal Code of Conduct and Enforcement Guidelines. The U4C development and implementation will happen over the next year. This crucial work is the next step in providing community structures for the Universal Code of Conduct.


The formation of the Building Committee is the first step in this U4C development process. Community members were invited to nominate themselves for the Building Committee. The candidate applications were reviewed and vetted by the Community Resilience and Sustainability team.

Summaries from the meetings of the committee are available.


Before the ratification vote:

After the ratification vote:


This is the current timeline for the U4C Building Committee, and it will be updated if anything changes. The timeline for the U4C election and subsequent work will be on a different page on Meta-wiki. That page will be linked once the information is developed by the U4C Building Committee and available for publication on-wiki.

April 26–May 12, 2023 Call for U4C Building Committee participants Completed
May 12, 2023 Application deadline for U4C Building Committee participants Completed
mid-May 2023 Review and vetting of the applicants Completed
mid-May 2023 Notification to applicants, announce Committee Completed
May–August 2023 The U4C Building Committee refines the draft charter outline Completed
August 28–September 22, 2023 Community review round of the draft U4C charter Completed
September–November 2023 Finalize the draft U4C charter Completed
January 19–February 2, 2024 U4C charter ratification vote via SecurePoll Completed
February 12, 2024 Announcement of U4C charter ratification vote results and next steps Completed

Conversation hours[edit]

Throughout 28 August and 22 September 2023, the Building Committee organized a series of conversation hours to gather feedback about the draft charter of the UCoC Coordinating Committee (U4C). The calls last between 60 and 120 minutes, and include a 5-10 minute introduction about the draft charter, followed by open discussions.

Extended content

The discussions will be held on Zoom. Links will be sent out 24 hours before the call via e-mail to those who sign up below, or through other relevant channels. The calls will not be recorded. Participation via video or audio is not required; participants may engage using text chat.

Conversation hour #1: Europe/Africa/MENA[edit]

Past event Sign-up:

Conversation hour #2: ESEAP[edit]

The ESEAP call will be part of the ESEAP Hub's September 2023 virtual general meeting. Please sign up on the page.

Conversation hour #3: South Asia[edit]

The South Asia call will be part of the monthly India Open Community Call. Please sign up on the page.

Conversation hour #4: the Americas[edit]