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Wikipedia.com stable versions fork[edit]

This proposes that the wikipedia.com entry page for each language would look like the wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page. Pages at wikipedia.com would: 1) not have the normal set of buttons for editors and 2) every page at wikipedia.com would have page content-related ads in the side-bar. This fork would be non-wiki-like in that it would not be equipped to allow editing of article content at the fork. The "stable versions" of Wikipedia articles would be selected by providing Wikipedia administrators with a "fork" button that allows them to send "approved/stable/non-vandalized" Wikipedia pages to the .com fork. Each article page at wikipedia.com would have a "history" button and people could cite/link to any of the past page versions. Each page at wikipedia.com would have a "no ads version" link to the corresponding page at wikipedia.org. The wikipedia.com website could be a "stripped-down wiki" with just category, portal, mediawiki, image, and main namespace pages selected by Wikipedia administrators for use at the .com fork. There might be a small number of help pages specifically made for the wikipedia.com website, but all other pages would be copies of existing pages at wikipedia.org. Any "red links" (no corresponding page at the wikipedia.com website) would automatically link back to wikipedia.org.

  • There would never be any ads at wikipedia.org (all ads are at the wikipedia.com fork)
  • People using wikipedia.com would know that they are going to see side-bar ads and would aways have the option of returning to ad-free wikipedia.org
  • Using wikipedia.com would allow us to begin to explore how many people want stable Wikipedia article versions (no vandalism) and do not mind seeing side-bar ads.
  • Might require some specialized "curators" who would be able to edit/add some pages to the wikipedia.com website so as to correct any problems that arise from simply importing pages from wikipedia.org.


Hey everyone! I have been thinking about this for a while but, have been to busy to put the idea forward properly. I would like to buy a domain ( http://www.wikicast.org/ ) where all alternative projects which do not work directly off mediawikisoftware can be hosted withought having to go to third parties.

  • Some of the things I would propose hosting on the domain would include;
  • Blogs for WMF projects for example this or, the wikinews reports
  • Mirror host for different format videos from wikinews video (when it is launched)
  • The survey software which can collect data from users
  • Press packs
  • Mobile optimized web sites
  • Other alternative WMF related projects which can not be run on mediawiki because of technical or legal restrictions

The reason I propose this domain is because it is a generic domain and cannot be directly related to any of the projects. Anyone would be able to apply for a blog or to set up a project on the domain however, it would need to be discussed first. It would also cut out the need for the use of third party sites and make the project look more professional and official. I would be able to host it since I have loads of bandwidth and hosting space.

The domain name wikicast is currently being parked on but, is parked as a low level domain - this means it will not cost too much compared to other parked domains to buy. If there is interest in users supporting the idea, I will propose raising the money somehow (since I cannot afford it as I am a student)

  • This project will encourage alternative forms of media and experimental outside of the standard wiki frame
  • It will allow more flexible rules
  • The domain is already hosted so, it will cost around $150