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Funds Dissemination Committee/Call for Volunteers

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The Wikimedia movement raises funds to support our projects and work each year. We are changing how non-core money is allocated across movement entities. You can help by being part of the new Funds Dissemination Committee (FDC), evaluating projects and making allocation recommendations (of a total of over 10 million dollars) to the Wikimedia Foundation's Board.

A Funds Dissemination Committee is being set up, with a framework and timeline developed over the past year. The framework summarizes the responsibilities and background expected of its volunteer members.

These members are slated to be selected by late August, to have a working committee in September.

Reasons to volunteer for the FDC[edit]

  • you will be evaluating proposals and making recommendations about the most effective programs, shaping the direction and impact of a significant portion of our collective work.
  • your decision-making will be supported by staff dedicated to information gathering and organization.
  • you will gain valuable experience in grant-making, project evaluation, and planning on a global and multi-cultural level.
  • you will be working with 8 other great and dedicated individuals from across the movement.

Reasons not to volunteer for the FDC[edit]

  • The FDC will commit to, and enforce, a high standard of participation, and you may not be ready to seriously commit to a high level of participation for at least two years.
  • The FDC's work will be conducted in English, and even with active support and summarization from staff, you will be required to read a lot of text in English, and to make your contributions in English.
  • You don't meet the membership criteria, or you're confident other candidates are better qualified or positioned to serve on the committee.

If you're interested in serving on the future FDC, please add your name to the nominations page. You will be contacted shortly and asked to make a statement.

Why you might want to volunteer to be the FDC Ombudsperson[edit]

  • you will have an important role in facilitating the continuous improvement of the FDC by soliciting and reporting on feedback about the FDC
  • you will gain valuable experience in grant-making, project evaluation, and planning on a global and multi-cultural level
  • you will have exposure and access to the FDC members and the board members who serve as non-voting members on the FDC