GLAMcamp Amsterdam/WMUK

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WMUK funded travel for approved UK attendees to GLAMcamp Amsterdam in 2011. Approval for travel was coordinated by (the GLAM UK budget holder). A list of funded candidates is below. The general expenses policy for the UK can be found at wmuk:Expense_policy.[1]

Note that approval for accommodation in Amsterdam had to be confirmed via the coordinating committee. A total of 11 12 candidates from the UK are listed below.

UK attendees with WMUK travel funding[edit]

  1. - GLAM UK budget holder and task force leader, WM-UK trustee, point of contact with V&A, British Library and joint contact with British Museum, Historic Royal Palaces, Museums Galleries Scotland... Involved in coordinating several major GLAM events and negotiating WIR placements, see User:Fæ/events.
  2. Johnbod - WMUK GLAM task force, involved with British Museum, British Library & other institutions
  3. Panyd - A WMUK volunteer involved in GLAM outreach to University Libraries including the current proposal for a WiR at John Rylands Library
  4. PatHadley - PhD student studying public presentation of the Mesolithic. Involved in GLAM/BM/Ice Age Art and hoping to help GLAM causes in York and Yorkshire.
  5. Marek.69 talk
  6. Rock drum
  7. Andy Mabbett - Outreach ambassador, GLAM/ARKive; presenter, GLAM/Herbert. Also happy to talk about templating, metadata, microformats & geotagging.
  8. Mike Peel - WMUK board member and general dogsbody; lots of previous involvement in GLAM activities; ran first Editathon at British Library; in need of re-enthusing about GLAM-Wikimedia activities.
  9. Brian McNeil - currently interim Wikimedia Scotland 'dogsbody'; looking to start some small-scale Edinburgh-local GLAM initiative in November; and, depending on that, would seek funding from WM UK (possibly unemployed at the time).
  10. Mr impossible - interested in GLAM and archives, contact point at TNA
  11. Mrjohncummings - GLAM in Wales, contact point for Monmouth Council
  12. Harry Mitchell - experience mainly in other types of outreach, but with considerable overlap with GLAM; very interested in GLAM and in organising events in conjunction with WMUK. Have attended a few GLAM events run by WMUK.

UK member but funded from elsewhere[edit]


  1. Though a standard per diem is mentioned in the policy, as breakfast, some other meals and local transport are going to be included with the Amsterdam venue, any per diem for this event may be at a proportionately lower rate to compensate and is likely to align with a per diem in euros set by WM-NL (if there is one).