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GLAMcamp DC application for funding/participation[edit]

Please answer the questions below in an email to Lori if you are interested in attending GLAMcamp DC in February 2012. (Please do not reply on this page.)

  • Full name
  • Wikimedia user name (please indicate if you prefer to keep your identity private)
  • email address
  • telephone number and best time(s) to reach you
  • Are you available for the full duration of the GLAMcamp (Friday-Sunday February 10-12, 2011), with sufficient travel time on either end?
  • City you are traveling from?
  • Are you or your employer able to cover your expenses (travel, lodging, accommodations)?

We don’t expect you to have experience in ALL the following areas, but successful applicants will have some of this experience. Please describe your background where relevant:

  • Any direct involvement you have had with a GLAM institution, as a Wikipedian in Residence or similar capacity.
  • Any previous GLAMcamps or GLAM events you’ve participated in, and what role(s) you took on.
  • Any case studies or documentation you have worked on in the GLAM world (please include links)
  • Any experience you may have developing technical tools related to GLAM work.
  • The most significant project you have undertaken in the Wikimedia sphere (i.e., where you have identified a goal and then achieved it; this could be bringing an article to GA status, developing a WikiProject, or any number of other things.) Please include links.
  • Please describe how you intend to be involved in the GLAM movement in the coming months or years.

Further information[edit]

(Criteria for funded participants taken from the GLAMcamp DC Grant page).

Wikimedians who are active in the GLAM-Wiki community in the United States will receive priority for assistance with funding, followed by those Wikimedians who are highly interested in becoming more involved. Other Wikimedians not requiring financial assistance are welcome to attend, so long as we have not reached our cap for participation (due to space limitations and the goal for this to be an efficient, manageable group.)

Desired characteristics[edit]

Those with some, not all, of the following characteristics will receive priority in funding...

  • People with direct involvement with a GLAM institution, either as a Wikipedian in Residence or in a similar outreach capacity.
  • People who were active and efficient at previous GLAMCamps.
  • People with experience generating case studies and other forms of documentation.
  • People with technical experience to develop and improve tools associated with GLAM.
  • People with a track record of taking initiative and completing projects.
  • People who intend to remain involved in the GLAM community and future outreach efforts.