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GLAMorgan is a tool by Magnus Manske to produce Wikimedia Commons pageviews for a given category, similar to BaGLAMa but on demand.

Compatibility problems[edit]

Problem: GLAMorgan is majorly affected by ad blockers! Do not use the tool from a browser with ad blocking on.

Reason: Most ad blockers will try to aggressively block URLs that contain "metrics" in the URL name. GLAMorgan is executed in Javascript from the user's browser, so it's subject to ad blocking because the Pageviews API call to Mediawiki is to "https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/metrics/pageviews...

Turn off ad blocking, or use a browser profile that doesn't use it.

Otherwise, you will not see any pageview statistics, and you will see numerous errors such as: "Data for X pages could not be loaded from the WMF pageview API (404 error)."

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