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Early prototype screenshot.

GULP (Generic Unified List Processor) is a tool to collaboratively store, modify, and retrieve lists.



List columns can be generic (text) or of a specific type (eg Wiki page/item).

Each list row contains a value ("cell") for each column. Rows are internally stored as JSON arrays. Depending on column type, these can be a string, number, null, or JSON. Each row has a row number, to be able to change the value of a specific row. If a row gets deleted, its number will not be given out again, so row numbers are not necessarily sequential.

Rows are unique by content; trying to add a new row with the same cells as an existing row will cause the row to be skipped.


Each list can have multiple revisions. A revision is created by taking a snapshot of the current revision of the list. Snapshots are "zero cost", that is, creating a snapshot does not duplicate any data; rather, new or altered rows in a revision will be stored in addition to the old revisions. This way, every revision remains stable and can be accessed later.


  • working: browse and download lists
  • to-do: an interface to upload/update/modify lists, integration with other tools