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  • Summary: User-friendly wizard for creating new Wiktionary entries
  • More details: Unlike the English Wiktionary's new entry wizards, this gadget assumes no knowledge of wikitext and aims to be intuitive without verbose instructions. It appears by default for all users when creating a new page. This gadget uses Gadgets/linkify to automatically link words in definitions (preferring compound words). It uses Gadgets/headers to dynamically load a list of supported languages and automatically sort the "Translations" section.

    This gadget is closely tailored to the Vietnamese Wiktionary's templates and layout standards, which are most similar to those at the Dutch Wiktionary and quite unlike the standard adopted by the English Wiktionary.

    Full details are available in the gadget author's blog. Try it out by starting an entry "thử" in your personal sandbox at the Vietnamese Wiktionary.

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