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New articles[edit]

  1. it:Kathy Kozachenko, translation Yes check.svg Mickey83
  2. it:Lin Lanying, translation Yes check.svg Mickey83
  3. it:Jacqueline Félicie di Almania, translation Yes check.svg Federica carta
  4. it:Aimee Stephens, translation Yes check.svg Fedesu
  5. it:Anna Maria Bertarini, from scratch Yes check.svg Monica
  6. it:Bruna Tamaro Forlati, from scratch Yes check.svg Giada Lampis
  7. it:Wajeha al-Huwaider, translation Yes check.svg Fedesu
  8. it:Reshma Saujani, translation Yes check.svg Camelia
  9. it:Norah Al Faiz, translation Yes check.svg Camelia

Improved articles[edit]

  1. it:Jole Bovio Marconi Yes check.svg Giada Lampis
  2. it:Anna Castelli Ferrieri Yes check.svg a.sgualdini

In sandbox[edit]

  1. it:Graziana Del Guercio Barbato Symbol wait.svg Elisa Pilia (in sandbox, to be refined)

New Wikidata items[edit]

  1. d:Q101208233, Donatella Cavalli Yes check.svg Camelia
  2. d:Q64865783, Alessandra Ciocio Yes check.svg Camelia
  3. d:Q101227603, Erika Montecinos Yes check.svg Camelia
  4. d:Q101228770, Fawzia al-Uyyoni Yes check.svg Camelia
  5. d:Q101229041, Ruqayya al-Mhareb Yes check.svg Camelia

New Commons categories[edit]

  1. Category:Aimee Stephens Yes check.svg Camelia