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Nonprofit partnerships[edit]

Mission aligned local nonprofits and UN organizations that have the potential to help us increase reach will also be approached by our regional managers. Many of these organizations already have successful and mature projects that we would highly benefit from. There are also opportunities to work on untapped initiatives and explore out of the box types of initiatives that we wouldn’t be able to do locally by ourselves.

What we are currently exploring[edit]

We are currently exploring different partnerships centered around refugee related projects. We are in preliminary talks with Refunite for a possible family tracing project in Kenya. Also Umniah (Mobile Operator partner in Jordan) has shown interest in working with refugees in the Zaatari camp. There has been initial discussions with the Queen Rania Foundation to collaborate on a refugee project with Edraak (an Arabic language platform launched about 2 years ago) offering Arabic learners across the region access to high quality online courses, for free. We're complementing these efforts with Kiwix, planning to bring an offline in the camps to access Wikimedia projects.