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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Goodgovpedia Africa
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Project descriptionWhat a project do you propose? What will be its scope? How would it benefit to be part of Wikimedia? the Goodgovpedia Africa is conceived to contribute to the development of the continent through the promotion of verified and validated dividends of governance championed or implemented by private and political leaders holding offices in trust of the people. the idea is borne out of the fact that having the right information is power. therefore, the scope of the project is to avail the teeming youthful and social media savvy population the power to access their private and political leaders in the light of the projects and programs and policies that they have been able to pursue during their time of services.
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My proposition is based on the need to bring about gradual positive change in my country and continent, Nigeria and Africa. Having looked at various assertions and perceptions of the majority of the people, the conclusion is that the underdevelopment of the country and continent is a result of poor political leadership.

Therefore, if improvement must be made in terms of changing the approach to governance and management of resources, Nigeria and Africa must continue the process of encouraging reliable and responsible citizens to come into politics to make the necessary changes.

However, the electoral process has been such that even the performing politicians cannot be differentiated from the non-performing politicians as a result of lack of performance monitoring or measuring process.

Today, the youths in the continent constitute a larger part of the population and the number of facebookers and social media users are increasing by the day in huge numbers.

To this end, we are proposing to establish a portal in wikipedia titled GOODGOVPEDIA AFRICA PROJECT.

The portal will contain biographies and details about their projects and programs as well as monthly nationwide or continental edit of these profiles. A team of creators, editors or members of the community will be accredited with the capability to identify and research on any private or public leader, investigate his or her projects and programs that contribute to national or continental development. upon upload by the investigator, administrator will be given maximum of one week to review, verify and validate the information contained in the upload and approve or disapprove.

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