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What does the Wikimedia Movement look like at its best?

How do we tell the story of our programs, projects, and grants better? ...Success is fabulous and (learning from) failure is fantastic!



The Wikimedia Foundation's Grantmaking team, in partnership with the Program Evaluation & Design team, is holding a small gathering of grantees, grantmaking committee members and staff at a Grantmaking Learning Day in Hong Kong after Wikimania 2013. The day will consist of activities that are focused around our core theme of how we can better tell the stories of the work being done to advance the Wikimedia Movement. We will look into the ways grantmaking and program evaluation could best facilitate these open, community dialogues, and how we might improve our abilities to talk about success and failure. This includes developing a better understanding of what tools and methods are available or need to be available to identify and broadcast success/failure - whether evaluation tools, data-sources, or communication channels.


  1. Collectively identify our highest level movement aim (“best”), and identify examples of programs and/or projects which exemplify these things
  2. Clarify the importance of written documentation (proposals and reporting), and develop creative solutions to maximizing the benefits for both grantmakers and grantees
  3. Identify the need for collaboration across the idea generation, design, and evaluation phases of a program/project - including the need to share information across the movement. Create ideas on how to do this well (e.g., video reports, case studies, blogs, etc.)
  4. Lay groundwork for programmatic and organizational prioritization: how to identify when a particular program is good for your local community, and how to communicate that effectively internally (with local community) and externally (with broader community and grantmakers)
  5. Begin fostering a collaborative group interested in working towards the Wikimedia movement mission

Venue and Time

  • Meeting room N116 at the PolyU, from 9.30am



Please remember: just like Wikipedia, this schedule could change at anytime!

Monday August 12, 2013 @ Meeting Room N116 at PolyU

Welcome and intro to appreciative inquiry
Welcome exercise
“Success is fabulous!” - Wikimedia movement at its best
(Group discussion)
"Where do we see significant successes and how do we know” - How to invest $ and time into our best
(Group discussions)
"How we want to support our movement: investment and impact” - Grantmaking and Program Evaluation & Design strategy
(Anasuya and Frank)
“(Learning from) failure is fantastic!”
(Christophe and Anasuya)
Case Study Break-outs
Panel discussion: “Looking back and looking forward: how to tell our stories better”
Break / back to rooms to freshen up for dinner
Junk boat dinner tour*

*Details on the dinner

  • Time: 7:00-9:00pm (2hrs) Harbour cruise for 35 on Aqua Luna
  • Pickup time/ place: 7:00pm at Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier No. 1 (you will need to walk there)
  • Disembark time/ place: 9:00pm at Tsim Sha Tsui Public Pier No. 1
  • Local contact there re cruise: Mr Eric Leung, +852 6777 1115

Notes and other materials