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This page and discussion page is maintained for archival purposes. For the current version of the form see Grants:APG/Proposal form
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Purpose of this document

This is the cover letter to the funds application form and provides the list of requirements for applying for funds as well as instructions for how to do so.

Applicant Checklist

Please ensure that you have:

  • Completed a Letter of Intent by 1 June for Round 1 or 1 November for Round 2 Review
  • Completed the FDC application form in accordance with instructions
  • Linked to a Detailed Budget and other relevant supplementary information (e.g., Annual Reports) to the Completed Application
  • Linked to the grant report from the prior completed fiscal year (if funds were requested from the FDC)
  • Completed the FDC application form by 1 October for Round 1 or 1 March for Round 2 Review
  • Complied with requests for additional information in a timely manner (within 5 business days)
  • Included relevant information about local financial, tax, or legal restrictions around receiving funds from the US, if applicable

Application Instructions

Organization Eligibility

  • Your organization must be recognized as an affiliate organization as defined in the Board of Trustees resolution dated March 31, 2012 (“Resolution”).
  • Must have a track record of successful grant requests and / or successful fundraising campaigns, including compliance with corresponding agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Grant purposes should be in compliance with both the laws applicable to WMF and the local laws applicable to your organization

Guidelines for Submission

  • Plans should be submitted in English. If this is a hardship, please contact the FDC staff at least 30 days in advance of the submission deadline for possible translation assistance.
  • Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent by 1 June for Round 1 and by 1 November for Round 2
  • If an organization is deemed an eligible organization by the FDC staff, it must submit a completed application by 1 October for Round 1 and by 1 March for the Round 2 Review Process
  • Where the FDC or FDC Staff requests additional information, organizations are expected to respond as quickly as reasonably possible. In most cases this should be within 48 hours.
  • Where an eligible entity does not meet timelines, organizations risk a delay or denial of funds requested.
    • In general, funds may be disbursed in local currency or US dollars. However, due to occasional limitations on local currency money transfers, Wikimedia Foundation may not always have the option to wire money in a given local currency.
    • To prevent shortages in your grant amount due to wire transfer fees, currency exchange, or other bank fees, it is recommended that you document your expected money transfer expenses and include them in the budget of your fund request.
    • There may be other financial or legal considerations affecting the transfer or receipt of funds in certain countries, which Wikimedia Foundation will address on a case-by-case basis. In such circumstances, Wikimedia Foundation may not be able distribute funds. To the extent known, reliable information about local money transfer requirements should be included in the application.

Community Input and Reporting

  • Any organization that is awarded funds must agree to provide materials for reporting and tracking in accordance with timelines laid out by the FDC and the Board of Trustees.
  • All applications will be made public and available for comment on the FDC Meta page. We encourage applicants to seek feedback from members of their local community via mailing lists, village pumps, and / or other communication methods.