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Grants:APG/Community participation

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Comment on proposals.

The open comment period for 2020-2021 round 1 is Template:FDC date/Community review period/2020-2021 round 1.

Please visit the community review page during the open comment period to find proposals and comment on them.

Summary of this Section

An important part of the FDC process is to encourage and promote involvement from the broader Wikimedia community. The process itself is designed to be transparent: all proposals, assessments, recommendations, and reports will be posted publicly on Meta (this Wiki).

In addition to enabling the community to observe the process, there are a number of ways that the community will participate:

  1. Reviewing funds requests during a 30-day open comment period.
  2. Participating in the selection of FDC members and the Ombudsperson.
  3. Submitting feedback about the FDC process to the FDC Ombudsperson.

1. Community review and evaluation of proposals[edit]

Open comment period

After the proposal submission deadline, there is a 30-day open comment period when community members and subject-matter experts may provide input on and ask questions about specific proposals.

During this period, fund-seeking entities are encouraged to respond to input and questions, and to provide additional clarification about their proposals on the corresponding discussion pages. Entities are not able to change the proposal itself after the submission deadline. This community input and entity responses are submitted with the proposal submitted to the FDC. FDC staff will only be able to consider community commentary provided up to 7 days before the staff assessment deadline when composing staff proposal assessments. While the community may comment on proposals after the open comment period closes, the FDC may not be able to take comments made after this period into consideration.

Please visit the community review page, which links to current proposals during the comment period to contribute.

The comment period for 2020-2021 round 1 is Template:FDC date/Community review period/2020-2021 round 1.

2. Participating in the selection of FDC members and the Ombudsperson[edit]

The FDC is a diverse body of people reflecting different aspects of the movement, including its geographic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. The FDC will have nine voting members:

  • Five representatives will be elected through community elections.
  • Four representatives will be appointed by the Board of Trustees (with input and support from the current FDC).
  • The FDC will have a community-elected Ombudsperson responsible for collecting and reporting on community input and feedback about the process.

Community members are encouraged to participate in the selection process by running for a position or participating in elections.

3. Submitting feedback on the FDC process[edit]

The community is an important stakeholder in the FDC process and it is critical to gather feedback from the community about how fair, transparent, and effective the FDC process is. The community-elected Ombudsperson is responsible for gathering from and representing complaints about the FDC process for the community. Please visit the comments section of the portal to add your comments.