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We are launching a pilot process for multi-year funding through the FDC in 2016-2017 Round 1, by inviting some organizations to apply for a two-year plan.

The idea of multi-year funding originated with questions and requests from some affiliates to:

  • Help organizations achieve more stability by reducing the uncertainty involved in year-to-year funding.
  • Create a more sustainable funding process, by reducing the workload for applicants at the FDC.

Eligibility and requirements[edit]

Who may apply for a multi-year grant?[edit]

Stable organizations with significant grants experience and a track record in strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, and successful programs may be invited to apply for a multiyear grant.


To be eligible, an organization must have:

  • Completed at least two successful and consecutive grants through the FDC process (including impact reports).
  • A track record of stable leadership over consecutive years, including good practices for governance and effective transitions for key leadership positions (staff and board).
  • A strategic plan that covers the duration of the two-year funding period (ie. if multi-year funding application is for 2016 and 2017, a 5-year strategic plan adopted in 2011 wouldn't work, a 3-year strategic plan adopted in 2016 would).


  • The application will include a two-year plan covering the two-year funding period at the time of application. For each program and overall, the applicant will include grants metrics targets for the two-year funding period, and for each year included in the funding period, to aid in impact reporting.
  • During this pilot period, multiyear funding is available to organizations by invitation only, with a maximum request of 350,000 USD for each year and 700,000 USD total. The amount requested for each of the two years must be the same amount.
  • Reporting requirements are adapted from the FDC process. Organizations have to submit 3 progress reports (one every six months for the first year and a half) and one impact report at the end of the second year.
  • Notifications of changes required by the grant agreement will continue throughout the full duration of any multiyear grant.

FDC recommendation[edit]

The final grant amount awarded by the FDC may affect both years of funding, or may be a recommendation for a single year of funding. In the event of a two-year recommendation, the FDC reserves the right, whatever the final amount granted is, to allow the applicant (1) to accept the recommendation for one year, or (2) to accept the recommendation for two years.

History of implementation[edit]

  • Round 1 - 2016-2017: Two organizations applying
    • Wikimedia Österreich
    • Wikimedia Sverige