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Action plan within 2 years
What are the objectives of this program ?

This action plan is a dashboard enabling us to have at our disposal a global vision of the associations’ actions. It is composed of action sheets.

Each sheet is a road-map for involved members and aims at making the association’s activity more understandable, both for the external people and the internal actors. They describe step by step and in detail the progress of each action from the following points of view: financing, communication, technics, material, criteria and mode of evaluation.

So the action plan will describe the main programs and actions relating to them within two years.

"The general objectives of this project" are:

  • Enabling the members to express all the actions they consider as having priority.
  • Giving food for thought to the Board of Trustees as far as its reflection on the best strategic choices to make is concerned.
  • Enabling the Association’s Management to perceive the priorities of resources’ allocations.

Calendar :

  • Phase 1 : During the chapter's General Assembly on 27 October 2013, launching of the plan as well as animation of workshops to which all the present volunteers participated.
  • Phase 2 : From 15 November to 15 December 2013, a reflection has been proposed on the Wikimembres (Wikimédia France's internal wiki) around the 5 listed objectives in order to comment, modify and complete Phase 1 work.
  • Phase 3 : End of December, the Executive Director has handed over the synthesis of the actions proposed to the Strategy group.
  • Phase 4 : Mid-January, the Board of Trustees will express its opinion on the choices concerning priority actions to lead according to each of its 5 objectives.
  • Phase 5 : End of January, the Executive Director will work on the sharing out of the resources and tasks.
Progress of your objectives (please include your indicators and the # of volunteers/employees involved)?
  • Phase 1 :
    The workshops were organized around 5 objectives:
    1. Increasing the number of contributors
    2. Bringing a local community-based support that facilitates the involvement and creativity of the members
    3. Favouring international links
    4. Improving the tools
    5. Enriching the contents of the different projects
    Each workshop was animated by a staff member and a member of the Board of Trustees. These workshops were held to collect all the action proposals from the Members, as well as ranking the actions according to their importance. At the end of the day, each workshop had to write down 2 priority actions’ sheets according to the proposed lines. The reports have been made public on the Wikimembres at the beginning of November.
    28 volunteers participated in these workshops, and 10 action sheets have been proposed.
  • Phase 2 : In order to facilitate work on this step, a list of 4 questions has been asked to each working group:
    • What do you think of the actions’ ranking done during the GA?
    • Are there other actions that would seem to have priority for you? If so, could you write down the connected sheets?
    • Are there sub-thematics that could allow one to clarify the actions according to you?
    • What do you think of the general objective’s writing?
    Every member will also be asked to evaluate the existing actions.
    In order to enable the members who did not want to get involved in a working group to give their opinion, a poll has been set up on-line.
  • Phase 3 : The strategy group has made a general synthesis.
    In the end, 6 main lines have been defined:
    • Increasing the number of contributors and enriching the contents by making different selected groups in the audience sensitive to these themes
    • Bringing local support that facilitates the involvement and the creativity of the volunteers
    • Favouring the international cooperation
    • Improving the tools available in the wiki environment
    • Increasing the influence of the chapter
    • Making the environment favourable to the Wikipedia projects (added by a local group, post GA)
Volunteers’ involvement
  • A strategy group has been established, in order, among other things, to make sure this process is going well and to favour the involvement of its members. This group is composed of 4 members of the Board of Trustees and 10 volunteers.
  • The volunteers have been involved within the frame of phases 1
Employees’ involvement

This approach is piloted by the Executive Director but the whole staff participates to it. Each employee has been, among other things, in charge of the animation of one of those lines during phases 1 and 2.

Achieved activities
  1. Project management tools have been implemented on this occasion.
    • In the introduction, we evoked the creation of a project matrix
    • The quality approach group has worked on the ergonomics of this approach, so that the members and staff can use it freely
    • This approach has initiated a new classification of the programs on the Wikimembres that enables the different actors to have an easier access to all necessary information. This classification distinguishes 3 types of actions: “in progress”, “sleeping” and “action proposal”.
  2. A synthesis of the whole works led with the volunteers has been carried out:
    • 2 priority actions have been listed by main line
    • The actions' classification has been updated with all the action proposals
    • An evaluation of the results has been made by the strategy group
What worked and what did not?
  • What worked?
    • Phase 1 has been appreciated by volunteers. The number of proposed actions shows their implication.
    • The volunteers who wished to participate could get involved in the definition of the association’s actions. The staff and the Board of Trustees got involved to facilitate that.
  • What did not work ?
    • The notes that had been taken about the 5th objective workshop (during phase 1) have been lost.
    • Phase 2 did not arouse as much enthousiasm as we had expected from the volunteers. Only a few volunteers participated to it, 5 people answer the on-line pool.

Additional information: This effort has been participative (since all the volunteers who wanted to have been given the possibility to contribute), but will reposition the Board of Trustees (decision-making role) as well as the staff (support and advisory for member's actions) in an adapted functioning.