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Purpose of this document[edit]

This document is the first critical step of the Annual Plan Grant (APG) application process. Funds-seeking organizations will submit this document by the letter of intent deadline (8 June for Round 1 and 8 November for Round 2) to show that their organizations are interested in applying for funds in the upcoming round. Organizations must meet eligibility criteria by the date eligibility is confirmed by the Wikimedia Foundation (15 September for Round 1 and 15 March for Round 2). Organizations are asked to include an amount with this letter, but they may change this amount before they submit a proposal. This amount is not binding, and is used by the FDC for planning purposes.

Letter of intent[edit]

To be completed by applying organization

Date: 16 5 2014

Dear Members of the Funds Dissemination Committee:

I am authorized by the Board of the Wikimedia Österreich to inform you that Wikimedia Österreich intends to seek funding from the Funds Dissemination Committee for our organization's annual plan as part of the Annual Plan Grants process.

We recognize that seeking funds from the FDC is contingent upon compliance with the eligibility requirements outlined by the eligibility checklist, and that, to the best of our knowledge, our organization is eligible or plans to be eligible by the date eligibility is confirmed based on these criteria.

With this letter, we agree that we will provide the Wikimedia Foundation with details about the members of the board, senior management, and key employees associated with our organization to be screened for compliance with US law, upon request. We understand that WMF may contact us to request these details if and when they are needed. For each individual, we will provide a full name in English and in the language of origin, any other names used, the country of residence, the place and date of birth, and a copy of a government issued photo identification document if requested.

We currently plan to request funds in Round 1. At that time, we will submit our annual plan with full financials. We anticipate that our funding request may be approximately 240 000 EUR.

Claudia Garád
Executive Director