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Obsolete. This page is kept for historical interest.

(1) Media Acquisition Support
No. Projekt Budget [CZK] Description
1.1 Photodocumentation program 110 000 Photodocumentation program based on the good experience of Mediagrant projects (such as: Czech municipalities photo grant, Protected areas grant, Jewish monuments grant, Bodies of water grant, Events grant etc).
1.2 WikiTown and Photoworkshop 50 000 One WikiTown and one photographic workshop
1.3 Photographic competitions 16 000 2 competitions focused on obtaining more images for WMF projects
1.4 Map of points of interest 60 000 Development of an app for displaying points of interests in users' vicinity.
1.5. Photographic equipment 14 800 Photographic equipment and maintenance.
(2) Education and institutional collaboration
No. Project Budget [CZK] Description
2.1a Salaries - Education manager 270 000

see staffing plan Salary for the education manager (0,5 FTE)

2.1b Salaries - Wikipedian in Brno 125 000 see staffing plan Salary for the Wikipedian in Brno (0,3 FTE)
2.2 Students Write Wikipedia program 40 000 Continuation of the Students Write Wikipedia project on several Czech universities.
2.3 Senior Citizens Write Wikipedia program 90 000 Expenses related to this project, such as rentals of conference rooms (Libraries etc.), promotion costs (promotional materials, leaflets, posters etc.), tutors.
2.4 Cultural partnerships [GLAM] 23 000 Costs related to cultural participation with GLAM institutions. Contest related to content-generation (ie. articles) are supposed to be the method of cooperation considered.
(3) Meetings & events
No. Project Budget [CZK] Description
3.1 WikiConference 2016 60 000 Annual Wiki Conference prepared by WM CZ.
3.2 Wikipedia Workshops 25 000 Various activities with general public ₋ such as in collaborating institutions, during festivals, in the open space, in the office. This item will also include our presence at Havlíčkův Brod Fall Book Fest, where WMCZ is already present since 2009.
3.3 Participation at international Wikipedia events 60 000 Participation on Wikimedia-related events (ie. chapters meetings,
(4) Administration
No. Project Budget [CZK] Description
4.1 Office 65 000 rental, services, equipment, basic repairs, internet connection, employees expenses in the office.
4.2 Organizational administrative costs 10 000 Banking costs, postal costs, office insurance, service costs and any costs required by the public infrastructure.
4.3 Board or core chapters' expenses 15 000 Board meetings, or wokrhops (ie. some basic investments to our Board/chapter manpower)
4.4 Accountancy 25 000 Maintenance of the accounting services done on behalf of our chapter.
4.5 Administration of receipts and tracker 20 000 Cost of the workforce (Grant administrators' costs) and other costs that might arise in relation with grant administration.
4.6 Employee phone costs 10 000 Education Managers'/Wikipedian in Brno phone expenses