Grants:Conference/Budget Guidelines

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Budget Guidelines
Venue & Materials
  • Try to partner with like-minded institutions that can offer their space free of charge or at a discount.
  • If you cannot find a free venue, please offer a rationale for why you chose a specific venue (low cost, conveniently located, etc.).
  • Limit swag to low cost items like stickers.
  • Printed banners and signs should be general enough that they can be reused for later events.
Travel & Meals
  • Full or partial scholarships can include round trip travel, shared accommodations, conference registration and visa fees.
  • Travel scholarships should only be given to experienced editors and active volunteers.
  • Funding for food should be limited to lunches during the conference, coffee breaks, and one group dinner.
Event Planning & Support
  • Funding can be requested to pay travel agent fees, and for administrative support for tasks such as processing visa application letters and reimbursements to scholarship recipients.
  • Some conferences may benefit from a paid facilitator or trainer. Please discuss this with a program officer in the early planning stages.
  • Minimal expenses for planning meetings can be included, such as meeting space and local transportation for site visits and meetings with event partners.
  • Up to 10% unforeseen expenses can be included in the request.
Alternate sources of funding
  • Ask for in-kind donations: i.e. donations that are done in goods and services rather than money/cash which are usually comparably easy to obtain and manage and can also be a door opener to interesting partner organizations. This can include: free use of venue, reduced prices for meals or services like printing or transportation.
  • Contact organizations who support work in your region or on the conference topic - they may be able to provide travel scholarships or other funding.