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With what gender do you identify?[edit]

EduWiki Conference 2020 CES Gender.png

How likely are you to attend EduWiki Conference ?[edit]

EduWiki Conference 2020 CES Likeliness to attend.jpg

Please mention the affiliate(s) you are associated with, if any[edit]

Participants of the survey represent/are part of the following Wikimedia affiliates;

AfroCROWD Azerbaijan Wikimedia User Group Basque Wikimedians User Group GLAM Macedonia and Education User Group
Hindi Wikimedians User Group Karavali Wikimedians User Group Open Foundation West Africa Punjabi Wikimedia User Group
Punjabi Wikimedians User Group Wikimedia Armenia Wikimedia Bangladesh Wikimedia CH
Wikimedia Community User Group Greece Wikimedia Ghana User Group Wikimedia Indonesia Wikimedia Israel
Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group Wikimedians of the Levant User Group Wikimedia Medicine Wikimedia Mexico
Wikimedia Serbia Wikimedia Spain Wikimedia UG Georgia Wikimedia User Group Nigeria
Wikimedia and Libraries User Group Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group Wikimedians of Nepal Wikimédia France
Wikipedia & Education User Group

To which Wikimedia projects do you usually contribute to?[edit]

EduWiki Conference 2020 CES Wikimedia project contributions.png

I am / was ...[edit]

Participants of the survey come from the following broad categories/areas of work in the context of EduWiki;

Category Description of work Percentage of survey participants
educators using Wikimedia projects in classroom
with general interest in Wikimedia & Education space
students contributing to Wikimedia projects as part of an EduWiki program
Wikimedians running an EduWiki program
with general interest in Wikimedia & Education space
researchers researching about intersections between Wikimedia & Education
developers building tools for management of EduWiki work
Staff of Wikimedia affiliates running/coordinating an EduWiki program in staff capacity

How long have you been in involved with EduWiki?[edit]

EduWiki Conference 2020 CES Involvement in EduWiki.png

What are your expectations from EduWiki Conference 2020?[edit]

Expectation Percentage of choice
Learn about EduWiki and meet the Wikimedia community
Improving my skills that help me to improve my EduWiki work
Sharing my work / thoughts /skills regarding EduWiki or related aspects
Participate and trying to resolve issues persistent with EduWiki community

Please select any five of the below listed broad themes that are of your interest[edit]

Theme Percentage of choice
External fund raising for Wikimedia activities and organisations
GLAM-Wiki (Using Wikimedia projects in/with cultural organisations)
Gender gap, diversity, and anti-harassment
Governance within Wikimedia movement (Movement affiliates, Volunteer committee, WMF etc.)
Internal and external communications (Wikimedia Space, Social Media best practices etc.)
International / regional projects and collaboration
Learning & Evaluation (evaluating your activities and organisations)
On-Wiki technical skills (Automated tools, templates etc.)
Organising for Wikimedia projects (Grants, project management, logistics etc.)
Sustainability initiative
Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy

What are the most important topics that your community needs to discuss in person?[edit]

Responses from the participants have been clustered into four broad themes, and relevant specifics for each theme are listed below;

Broad theme Specific topics
Advocacy Developing a communication strategy to explain about Wikipedia, for educators to stop saying, “Don’t use Wikipedia”, without further context
Using the larger concept of MOOCs for EduWiki work
Capacity development
Capacity development of other community members to be able to run EduWiki programs
Cross-community collabs; how can small community effectively connect with large communities/affiliates to learn from their experience
Role of WMF Education Team in supporting the EduWiki community
Partnerships Building EduWiki programs around GLAM and other cultural institutions
Drafting long term plans for a partnership
External fundraising to support EduWiki programs
MoUs with educational establishments
Planning and management of EduWiki programs Balancing between the goals of EduWiki programs – Quality of content, skill development of participants, user retention
Best practices to teach about copyrights and plagiarim to participants of an EduWiki program
Building team of volunteers to support a execution of a program
Designing EduWiki programs around Wikidata
Designing EduWiki programs for higher education
Designing EduWiki programs for research candidates (PhD etc.)
Evaluation of EduWiki projects/programs
Maintaining quality of content produced in large scale education programs
Methods and practices to run EduWiki programs in the areas with low internet connectivity
Sustainability of EduWiki programs – being able to run even after the initiator who is longer available

What are the top three things that you are good at and would like to share them with the community during EduWiki Conference 2020?[edit]

Responses from the participants have been clustered into three broad themes, and relevant specifics for each theme are listed below;

Broad theme Specific topics
Planning and execution of EduWiki programs Audio version of Wikisources – through Education programs
Development of EduWiki in Asian region
Establishing best practices to ensure good quality content
Exploring Wikimedian-in-Residence model for EduWiki
Negotiations with government bodies – a win win situation
Using GLAM-Wiki for EduWiki programs
Using various kinds of automated Wiki-tools for EduWiki programs
Using Wikidata in Education programs and as a teaching aid
Wikicamps for people not receiving any formal education
Skills & Capacity Development
Event management
Leadership skills
Low-threshold scientific communication
Motivating newcomers
Press & media relations
Project management
Social media communication
Tools and technical skills
Program and Events Dashboard
Semantic MediaWiki
Visual Editor
Wikipedia & Wikidata tools for Google Sheets

What are the top three things that would like to learn at EduWiki Conference 2020?[edit]

Responses from the participants have been clustered into four broad themes, and relevant specifics for each theme are listed below;

Broad theme Specific topics
Diversity of projects in EduWiki programs Multilingual EduWiki programs
Role of Wikiversity in EduWiki programs
Wikidata for EduWiki
Wikisource for EduWiki
Wikivoyage for EduWiki
Planning & execution of EduWiki programs
Alinging EduWiki programs with 2030 strategic direction
Collaborating with GLAMs for Education programs
Convincing institutions and students
Designing Education programs to improve language skills of the participants
Developing short duration projects
Editor retention post-completion of a program
Evaluating the impact of Education programs
Increasing participation from Global South
Skills & Capacity Development
Conflict resolution
International collaborations
Negotiating partnerships
Project management
Public relations
Leadership skills
Tools & technical skills
Creating on-Wiki templates
Program & Events Dashboard
Querying Wikidata

What is the most important goal, problem, or obstacle you think this community should focus on in the next 12 months?[edit]

Responses from the participants have been clustered into a broad theme and the rest into miscellaneous, and relevant specifics for each theme are listed below;

Broad theme Specific topics
Planning & execution of EduWiki programs Align Education programs plan to produce content according to local needs
Developing Education programs with focus work area to serve students from marginalised communities
Planning programs by keeping in view of Wikimedia 2030 strategy
Running Education programs in areas with low internet connectivity
Using Moodle for EduWiki project management
Misc Central repository of resources (handbooks, tutorials, videos, learning patterns etc.) required to plan, implement, and scale up an education program
Developing communication strategies to minimise the stigma around the use of Wikipedia in academia
Sustainability initiative

What are the technological features that are missing in the tools you're already using for your EduWiki work, or what are the completely new technological tools that you believe should be developed to support your work so it is more efficient and less manual?[edit]

Auto-translation/transliteration of medical or scientific terms

Sandboxes exclusive to Education programs

“Country” field for P&E Dashboard – for metrics per country

Assign articles to participants directly on Wiki – without the help of P&E Dashboard

Being able to calculate metrics from Incubator Wikis

Automated or semi-automated localisation of templates

WYSIWYG tool for template development

Easier ways to develop an offline ZIM file for use with Kiwix

P&E Dashboard being able to track other namespaces other than “0”

Limiting sandbox pages to be edited by a certain group of users or from defined list

How would you prioritize the time we spend together at the conference?[edit]

  • • Strategic conversations: discussing issues affecting your community that need to be resolved
  • • Working groups: working on projects that are difficult to plan online
  • • Capacity building: learning skills that will help your community achieve its goals
  • • Community building: meeting people, learning about new projects, sharing your talents, and having fun