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Introduction to Monitoring Tracking and Reporting - Welcome!

In Program Evaluation Basics, we discussed some of the different types of evaluations. One of these evaluation types was Monitoring, which this Learning Module will review.

This learning module is for any program, project or event that an individual or organization might plan and deliver.
What is a program?
A program:
  • is repeated/replicated
  • All instances of a program have shared objective(s)
  • They follow a similar design to create a change or what’s called a theory of change.
What is a project? (not a Wikimedia project)
  • A project is an undertaking with a particular aim, managed by an individual or group, and requires planning and design.
  • A project is typically not repeated. Once a project is repeated, or repeatable, it begins to have elements of a program.

With those definitions out of the way, let's get started!