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Grants:IdeaLab/Future IdeaLab Campaigns/Topics

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Future IdeaLab Campaigns

Campaign ideas

This is an ongoing list of ideas which have been submitted so that anyone can see which ideas are being entered into the survey. Only ideas which have been entered into the AllOurIdeas survey will be entered here so that anyone can review them. Some ideas may not be included (e.g. duplicate ideas), and will be explained on this table. Please do not add new ideas here, but do feel free to comment on the discussion page.

Topic list[edit]

Campaign topic Added? Comments
Strategies and tools to handle cases of long-term abuse Yes Initially included
Correcting systematic bias in article content Yes Initially included
Accessibility to and use of multimedia content in projects Yes Initially included
Addressing harassment of Wikimedia project contributors Yes Initially included
Developing bots for routine maintenance tasks Yes Initially included
Improvements at enabling content creation Yes Initially included
Strategies for engaging with and motivating project volunteers Yes Initially included
Workflows and tools for editing and maintenance tasks Yes Initially included
Developing or improving content review or curation processes Yes Initially included
Increasing participation from underrepresented groups Yes Initially included
Improvements in contributing or use of Wikidata content Yes Initially included
Improving the addition and maintenance of references Yes Initially included
Tools to help experts on a subject matter advise on that subject matter,
so that editors with less expertise can make better decisions.
Creating tools to ameliorate the status of works about Medicine in different Wikipedias Yes
Participation games and microcontributions Yes
Engaging more volunteers No Already entered
Engaging outside knowledge networks (libraries, educators, etc), in novel participation strategies Yes
Improvements and innovations to editing tools No Already entered
Suitability of Wikisource, Wikiquote and other sister projects for women, minors and other minorities Yes
Wikidata and Wikipedia data quality improvement following embedding of Wikidata data on Wikipedia articles Yes
Usability effectiveness and main missing features in Wikimedia Commons media search
versus Flickr, Google Photo and others
Driving traffic to sister projects via interproject links, interproject and interlanguage search Yes
Increasing prestige of Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wiktionary in smaller languages such as Indic languages Yes
Wikibooks and Wikiversity compared to other Open Educational Resources platforms Yes
Wiktionary editing as a tool for language learners Yes
Mass content adding on Wiktionary and effects on active editors community size Yes
Scalability of Wikisource book transcription process to millions of books Yes
Effects on participation and efficiency of using many private wikis instead of Meta-Wiki Yes
Gender gap solutions Yes
Improving implementation / user notification systems behind templates for uploaded files Yes
Expanding functionality of Wiktionary across projects (e.g. spell checker, thesaurus, adding entries for new words) Yes
Establishing Wikimedia groups in universities (e.g. through student organizations) Yes
Developing tools that encourage contributions from anonymous editors Yes
Improving translation quality and translation request organization for Wikimedia project content Yes
Building the next generation of tools using Wikimedia APIs (Application Programming Interface) Yes
Improving maps and other location-based multimedia Yes
Improve Abuse Filter Yes
Implementation of speech synthesis (e.g. similar to Loquendo) to read Wikipedia articles aloud Yes

Where did the initially included topics in the AllOurIdeas survey come from?[edit]

These topics for IdeaLab campaigns were developed using a number of sources including: