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Grants:IdeaLab/Global Gender Gap Group

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Global Gender Gap Group
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Create a global user group focused on bringing in more women to edit Wikimedia projects, take on more roles in the Wikimedia movement, and foster collaborations with allied organizations.
created on: 13:19, 10 November 2013

Project idea[edit]

A Women's global user group would energize activity on making the Wikimedia projects more diverse and balanced areas of knowledge. The user group would organize members from around the world to develop a unified strategy for addressing the movement's gender gap, and it would be the group largely responsible for seeing that strategy to completion. Through partnering with other diversity-focused groups (within the Wikimedia movement and externally), the user group would serve as a key player in activities aroud the gender gap and develop expertise around good practices and research.

Project goals[edit]

User group goals[edit]

  • Share best practices, strategies, expertise and skills for those working to close the gender gap
  • Participate in sourcing and evaluating ideas, proposals, grants aimed at the gender gap
  • Organize global events and activities aimed at bringing in female editors and improving content
  • Develop and hold a movement-wide strategy aimed at the gender gap
  • Develop female leaders to serve in different Wikimedia projects, committees, and organizations
  • Collaborate with other diversity-focused user groups and initiatives to increase diversity in multiple spectrums where appropriate

Setup targets[edit]

By early 2014:

  • At least 30 initial active members
  • Equal representation from identified geographic areas (areas TBD - following global model of Wikimania sponsorships)
  • Partner with at least 2 allied organizations

Next steps[edit]

  • Start a user group page on meta-wiki
  • Invite WikiWomen's Collaborative members and other gender gap groups to involve them in the setup process
  • Decide on a name for the user group
  • Start a Facebook group
  • By Jan 1, go through Affiliations Committee approval process

Get involved[edit]

Welcome, brainstormers! Your feedback on this idea is welcome. Please click the "discussion" link at the top of the page to start the conversation and share your thoughts.

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